How to Encourage Website Visitors to Take Action

by Jones David


Websites are a great way of marketing your product and reaching out to your customers. They are cost-efficient and provide businesses an opportunity to communicate effectively with their customers without using many resources. However, if you dig deeper you will realize that the main purpose of websites is to encourage the audience to take action.

It is to make the customers contact the business and engage in a transaction. For that, it is important that the website is clear and concise. It should be specific enough to attract the targeted customers and make them contact the business.

Here are some of the effective ways a website can encourage visitors to take action:

Contact details

Websites can ask for visitors’ contact information and ideally even the time they could contact the visitors. This way the business would be able to connect with serious visitors and contact them on their prescribed mode. Apart from enhancing the business’s reputation in terms of customer service; the business can also capture the information on its database and use them for future endeavors.

Free service

Websites can also offer visitors a free service, for example, an NPV calculator. This would educate the visitors and help them with their decision-making. Another example could be some sort of a checklist that the visitors could download and use in the future. Apart from repetitive website visits this would ultimately help the business secure customers and build a loyal customer base. It would make the customers believe that the business understands their needs and is willing to provide them with a solution.

Free trial

This is something that allows the customers to experience the product or service that the business is providing without having to pay for it. Widely regarded as one of the most effective tools to build trust with the customer, this tool helps the business in avoiding future misunderstandings as the customer would know what they are paying for before actually paying for it. There are arguments against it because of the free-rider problem but most would agree that the benefits outweigh the costs.

Website design and language

This is something very basic but still gets overlooked a lot. It is important that the language that is used on the website is easy to understand and would not require a visitor to open a dictionary. Visitors are more likely to take any action where they understand what the website is about. Apart from this, the website should also be easy to navigate. Don’t forget to check out Pixel carve Web Design Toronto for the Best ways to grab visitor’s attention.

Complex designs might push the visitors away as most visitors would like a trouble-free experience. Lastly, there should be contact information of the business on the website, for example, an email address so that the visitors feel free to contact the organization. There can also be buttons like “contact us” which would make it easier to contact the entity.


Conclusively, it is important that websites act as a bridge between the customers and the organization. They should enhance the business’s credibility and should be efficient enough to encourage visitors to take action.

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