How to Read & write all major CAD files without purchasing additional licenses

by Jones David


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files have been coming in a lot of varieties throughout recent years. The varieties include STEP files, STL files, and even IGES files. Often, it becomes very difficult to see which file represents which one. Each file has its own specific format that is difficult to change. Hence, if one needs to assemble all the data from different files, they will have to require translating the files into a common one.

How to convert files into one?

It seems like a difficult job, right? Well, it is fairly easy if you get a grip of the basics correctly. For example, many people face this problem where they can’t find the correct label and hence can’t use the file. They can check out MapTextLabeller to get this issue resolved. Since each file is displayed very uniquely, it often becomes difficult to find out how to manage them. In such, cases the CAD file conversion software comes in handy. This software assists the user in reading and writing all the major CAD files without having to purchase any further licenses.

Why no licenses are required?

The Best part about this software, as mentioned above is they don’t require any further licenses. This is because the software is compatible with almost all the major files of CAD. This helps them in assuring that all the CAD files are easily modified and altered according to the user’s demand with ease. This is very helpful for the user as the additional licenses can become a huge hassle. Not only is it difficult to find the right license for the right CAD file but the licenses can turn out to be very expensive too.

Restricts the conversion errors

Converting the CAD files can be a huge hassle, especially if you are not a pro in this. For beginners, things can get slightly out of hand if they don’t stick to the basics. With the CAD conversion software, you can assure that there will be no costly conversion errors. They have the experience of converting millions of files successfully with no errors, whatsoever. Thesecret to this is their compatibility with nearly all the CAD tools.

Compatible with all types of users

Often people think that since the CAD software is working on such a large magnitude, they might not be able to function in different programming systems. With CAD conversion software, this is not the case. It can easily be used as the users of Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. It also supports the easy transfer of files to different members within the organizations and industry.

Quick development

Technology is a rapidly changing thing. What might be in the market today, might become an outdated thing tomorrow. Hence, it is important that software is also updated rapidly to ensure that you are in The Best path. This is the case with the CAD conversion software. This software makes sure that they are updating their system and becoming compatible with the latest technology in a flash. This helps the users in making The Best decisions possible.

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