How to Recover Deleted Myspace Photos | 4 Simple Fixes

by Jones David

Launched in 2003, Myspace was one of the most popular social websites for us to share photos, videos, music, etc. Though its popularity has been taken over by other newly-emerging social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., many fans still use it. However, as the new version of Myspace appears, many old Myspace photos are not loading or are being deleted by the authority. It is not easy to recover deleted Myspace photos for ordinary people. This post will explain four free methods to solve your hassles. If you want to learn more, please continue reading.

Can I Recover Deleted Myspace Photos?

Luckily, the answer is yes in most situations. You can try to recover the missing photos from Mixes in Myspace. Or you can use the recovery software and backup tools to get back the deleted/lost Myspace photos. 

Fix 1: Retrieve Old Myspace Photos from Mixes

If your old Myspace photos are missing or not loading in the new server, you can try to find and recover them from the Mixes feature in Myspace. Because of the change to the new server, the old account information, including videos, photos, etc., will be automatically synced to the new server.

How to Retrieve Lost Myspace Photos from Mixes

Step 1. Go to the Myspace website and log in to your account. 

Step 2. Click on Mixes on the tool menu and tap Classic – My Photos. Within seconds, the lost Myspace photos will pop up in this folder. Lastly, you can recover and save these photo files.

Fix 2-3: Recover Deleted Myspace Photos with Recovery Software 

Suppose you cannot find the photos from Mixes or the images are deleted by yourself/Myspace authorities. In this case, you can recover your lost Myspace photos with professional recovery software. And this method is valid only when you find storage devices from which you once uploaded photos to Myspace. There are two recovery tools, respectively, for Windows and Mac.

#1 WorkinTool Data Recovery on Windows

If you want to bring the lost Myspace photos on Windows, WorkinTool Data Recovery is the best choice. It is a free and versatile recovery software. You can enjoy recovering up to 500MB for free. And it has six built-in recovery modes, including Deletion Recovery, Formatted Recovery, Recycle Bin Recovery, USB/Memory Card Recovery, Disk & Partition Recovery, and Deep Recovery. Hence, it can effortlessly recover deleted Myspace photos if you want to recover them from SD cards, USB drives, or internal disk partitions. 

More than photos, it can restore various file types, such as music, videos, documents, audio files, and more. Additionally, it has a modern and clear design on the interface. Hence, it’s quite easy for users to know the next step and recover lost files with three simple steps. Due to the limited length of this article, you can check WorkinTool to learn more about the details.

How to Restore Myspace Photos with WorkinTool

Step 1. Select recovery mode.

Launch the software and click on the Deletion Recovery mode. Of course, you can tap on the other five recovery modes according to your needs.

Step 2. Choose the storage location.

Select the storage location of your deleted Myspace photos. Then click on Scan Now to begin the scan process.

Step 3. Filter and recovery. 

After several seconds, all the scanned results will appear on your list. Then you can tap on the Filter tool to narrow the recovery range. You can click File type > Picture and select the modified data and file size. Next, click on Sure and click on the photos you want. After clicking the Recover button, all your deleted photos will return to your device immediately.

#2 Cisdem Data Recovery on Mac

Suppose you want to recover old or deleted Myspace photos on Mac. In this case, you can try Cisdem Data Recovery, an excellent data recovery tool. It can quickly recover your old/lost/deleted/formatted Myspace photos with several clicks. Other than photos, it can restore 200+ other file types, such as raw files, videos, emails, archives, etc. 

Although it has powerful recovery capabilities, the recovery steps are not tricky for novices. You can recover everything in three steps with a friendly and intuitive user interface. However, if you use the free trial, you can only enjoy the right to scan and preview, not including recovery.

How to Retrieve Myspace Photos with Cisdem on Mac

Step 1. Open Cisdem and select the storage location of deleted files. Then tap on the Search for lost files icon.

Step 2. Click on Type > Pictures. Then you can preview the scanned files and select the photos you desire.

Step 3. Tap on Recover, and all you lost will come back to your computer.

Fix 4: Restore Lost Myspace Photos with Backup Files

If you have a copy file of deleted Myspace photos in third-party backup software, it’s super easy for you to find and recover the lost files. There are many backup tools for you to select, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. And Google Drive is leading popularity among the 20s-30s users. It is a free and all-in-one tool for us to store, manage, and share our essential files. With it in your hands, you can effortlessly find the Myspace photo folders and recover deleted photos faster.

How to Recover Deleted Myspace Photos with Google Drive

Step 1. Find Google Drive online page and click on Go to Drive. Then log in to your account. 

Step 2. Click on Computer > My Computer. Then find the folder you store Myspace photos. Next, right-click the desired image and select Download to return it to your computer.

Tips for Protect Your Myspace Photos

If you take measures to prevent Myspace photo loss in daily life, the chance of photo loss will decrease. Hence, let’s learn valuable tips for protecting Myspace photos together.

√ Backup regularly: The easiest way to protect your Myspace photos is to make a copy of essential files from time to time in your storage devices. Or you can also configure the automatically-sync option with your third-party backup software.

√ Download antivirus software: Virus infections occur unintentionally and will lead to Myspace photo loss. And downloading antivirus software is a valuable method to prevent virus attacks. 

√ Ponder carefully before deletion/formatting: A click on deletion or formatting will permanently remove Myspace photos. Therefore, we had better ponder carefully before clicking on the deletion and format buttons.

The Bottom Line

Recovering Myspace photos is a challenging issue. However, this post supplies four ways to help you recover deleted Myspace photos more easily. No matter which one you pick, the editor hopes that at least one method will work well and help you immensely.  

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