How to Sell Your Old iPhone for the Most Money

by Jones David

Theseason for new iPhones is upon us. From the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, to the 11 Pro Max, and selling or trading your old iPhone is a great way to help you finance a new and modern iPhone. Independent trade-in websites, phone-makers, and carriers can provide you with staggeringly good terms for you to let go of your old iPhone.

Regardless of where you choose to sell your old iPhone, it’s possible for you to retain more control over the amount you will get for it. While you can’t control the rate at which the phone depreciates, it’s possible to ensure that you will get a good price for it by taking proper care of it.

The following are tips on how to care for your phone to guarantee great prices.

Whatever You Do, Don’t’ Forget the Case

While a case never looks good, the reality is that you still need one. Chances are that you already have a case that you rely on to keep your Apple iPhone screen from breaking. Many people don’t like to use a case as it makes the phone lose its appeal of a beautifully designed color and design.

But you only have one option if you are to keep it from cracking—buying a case. It will be better to acquire the case before you begin using the handset. Note that a phone can drop down and shatter its glass within minutes of you removing it from its box.

Get a Screen Protector

Before you start looking into ways to sell my mobile, you should note the importance of screen protectors. The screen protectors are basically sacrificial screens layered on top of the phone’s true display. When looking to buy one, make sure you purchase a glass one and not the one made from plastic.

There are plenty of screen protectors online and in carrier stores. While some are quite expensive, a screen protector retailing for thirty dollars should be able to help protect your phone. In the long run, it will ensure that you get to nab a good price for the phone when the time comes for you to sell or trade it.

Consider keeping a spare as the screen protector can easily break when you drop the phone. That’s what it’s intended for anyway. With a spare, it means that you will not have a protection gap in case of breakage.

Store the Box and All its Parts

Carriers will normally prefer that you sell your phone together with its original charger. In many cases, they will not care about its original box when you are looking to sell your iPhone.

However, your buyer may care about the box when you decide to sell it via Swappa or Craigslist. You can make the phone more appealing to buyers by re-boxing it back to its initial condition.

Re-boxing also tends to attract better prices for the gadget.

Clean the iPhone Before Selling It

Cleaning the phone is probably the most important thing you need to do. Regardless of whether you are selling the phone to a manufacturer, another person, or to a carrier, make sure that it’s thoroughly cleaned.

A phone that appears new and which functions like a new phone is worth much more than a crusty handset. Ensure that it matches the expectations of your buyer for you to get a good price for it.

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