How to Start Learning Web Design & Web Development

by Jones David

We all have things on our bucket lists that are absolute musts. For some, it’s traveling the world, and for others, it’s learning a new skill. Web design and web development are two skills that you should think about adding to your repertoire, particularly if you’re planning to move into a creative profession. As everything is going digital these days, it’s not a bad idea to stop procrastinating and start slaking that thirst to learn.

Anyone who is anyone in business needs to have a website, but the re’s no use in having a site if you don’t know a thing about setting one up. Sure, you can outsource to a service to do this for you, but the re’s nothing like knowing you can set up a business and start everything off by yourself – it’s an achievement!

There are so many ways that you can break into learning web design and web development, but before you go for it, it’s important to look into the advantages of learning about both.

Benefits of Learning Web Design & Web Development

You don’t need too many more reasons than the fact the world is advancing digitally, but here are some for the Best benefits of learning both web design and web development:

  • Web geniuses are in high demand. There will always be roles for web designers and web developers, so you choosing to learn either will be an excellent addition to your resume.
  • Learning web design can give you invaluable skills to build responsive and functional websites for your business or for your employer.
  • Knowing web design and development can put you ahead of the game when it comes to applying for jobs.
  • You don’t need a degree to learn how to be a website whizz; just a good course and a motivation to learn.
  • You get the chance to learn a trade. Believe it or not, learning code is a skill that is valued highly and with two to three years of practice, you can go anywhere and use it in your job.
  • You just need the internet and a working computer to learn how to do it. The tools for learning are minimal.

How to Gain Web Design & Web Development Skills and Knowledge

Now you know the benefits of learning web design and web development; you just need to know how to go about learning it! Trying to fit extra learning around life isn’t always easy, but if you have the drive and the determination to learn something new, you’ll manage just fine. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can learn web design and web development.

Start Your Own Website

Straight into the deep end isn’t something you do when you’re swimming, but if you want to learn web design or development, you need to dive right in. You can start small – opening your own blog page is a good jumping-off point. It gives you the space to try something new without messing up something important.

Start Reading

There is a ton of literature everywhere on the internet, in the library and within magazines and journals. Get hold of everything that you can about website design and web development and start reading about trends in the industry.

Learn A Language

The Best language that you need to learn to learn web design or web development successfully is hypertext markup language: or HTML. It’s the skeleton of every website out the re, and once you master HTML, the rest will come so much easier!

Attend A Course

Whether you choose to go to a physical day or night school, or you choose an online course with Click Through Digital, you should sign up for a class on web design or development and learn in real-time how to build and maintain a website. The re’s a sense of achievement about getting to the end of a course with a good knowledge of the things you’ve learned, and the environment of a classroom can really help. The Best bit? You can build most courses around your life to be able to remain flexible.

Apply Your Skills

If you are already running a blog or you are working in a creative capacity, you should think about what you already know about website design and development and start implementing them. If you’re struggling with coding and website development, think about the web design side of things and practice what you know while you learn what you don’t.

Start Paying Attention

You’re already online and likely have an idea of some of the websites that you love, so start paying attention to how they work. Knowing what you like from the sites that you enjoy surfing can help you in your quest to build your own. Think about what you love about those websites, from the typography to the colors and animation. Then keep in mind about what you want to see on your own site.

Ask Your Boss

Are you already in a creative role? What you need to do is speak to your management team and figure out whether you can learn on the job – even if web design isn’t your usual thing. Shadowing the people who already do it in the company that you already work for can mean that you’ve got a mentor on-site who can walk you through the basics and teach you the ropes of either. If you have the right person showing you how to design and build a website, you can make it a success.

Choosing to learn skills in both web design and web development can make a massive difference to your life, all you need to do is seek out The Best way to learn, and you’ll be starting out in an exciting new venture. Don’t be afraid to reach out and do something new; it could change your life forever!

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