How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

by Jones David

I bet you have your favorite songs on your iPhone and you would want to listen to them on your PC but you don’t know how to transfer music from iPhone to computer. Well, this is not only possible but can also be done effortlessly provided you know what you are doing and you are using the right tools.

Apple doesn’t make it easy for iPhone users to copy content from their iPhones to their computers. Of course, iTunes 12 and all newer versions allow you to effortlessly use your iPhone to transfer the songs you have bought from iTunes to 5 computers that are authorized, this approach does not work for the songs you have ripped from CDs, or downloaded from other sources. This can be a very disturbing state of affair for anyone with great music collections from the ancient days.    

While this approached was developed to discourage unintentional piracy, it can also discourage iPhone users from easily transferring legally acquired songs to their computers. In this article, we are going to show you 3 different ways on how to copy music from your iPhone to your computer.

Part I: How to Use iTunes to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

iTunes, just like the iPhone, is also created by Apple. Since it is a tool that is available for free, many people use it to transfer music from iPhone to the computer. In case you do not know how to transfer the songs you have purchased, here are the steps to follow:

  • Start by connecting your iPhone to the iTunes app and then launch the latest version of the app.         
  • iTunes will often detect if the device has any new content. So, there will most probably be prompts asking you to transfer music from iPhone to a computer. Just tap on the “Transfer” button so as to copy the new content that you have purchased.
  • In case there are no prompts asking you to perform any action, you should wait for iTunes to detect your device. Now, move to the File menu and select the option to Transfer purchased content to the iPhone.
  •   might sometimes ask you to allow your PC to play the copied songs because these files are usually encrypted. To authorize your device to play the songs, move to the Accounts and then to the Authorization and then click on “Authorize”.

Part II: Transfer Music Content from iPhone to PC Via Streaming

It is also possible to transfer music from iPhone to computer via streaming. There are many tools available that you can use to stream songs from your device to your computer. One of these apps is the Apowersoft Phone Manager. You can use this tool to transfer songs from iPhone to computer by streaming. Follow the following steps:

  • Start by downloading and launching the Apowersoft Phone Manager app on your computer.         
  • Next, connect both your iPhone and PC a Wi-Fi network
  • Enable Airplay on your phone through the Control Center
  • Choose your computer and then go to the mirror option and turn it on
  • Now, you can go ahead and play any of your favorite song your device and the same song will also be played automatically on your computer

Part III: How to Transfer Music Content from iPhone to PC Using Handshaker

You can also use Handshaker to import music content from iPhone to PC using Handshaker and vice versa. The software not only has amazing speed, but it also provides maximum security white sending data between different operating systems. It supports images, audio files, videos, and other many file types. You can transfer music content from iPhone to PC by following the following steps:

  • Download and launch the Handshaker software for Mac
  • Use a digital cable to connect your iPhone to your PC
  • Next, download and install the app on your iPhone containing your files. Reconnect your iPhone with your PC.
  • Go to the “Import” button and click on it. Now select the desired files from the iPhone and transfer them to your PC. To transfer the files from your iPhone to PC, simply select the files and then click once on the “Export” button.

Finally, these days you can transfer music content from your iPhone to Pc with ease. The above tools can help you achieve that. Follow each step keenly and you will be able to transfer your files safely.

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