How Work from Home Has Accelerated Telecom Solutions

by Jones David

In recent months, we have seen how COVID-19, an unprecedented pandemic, has been spreading from China to Europe and the rest of the world.

Although at first, the problem seemed insignificant, the truth is that the social alarm generated, as well as the fear of the collapse of the public health system, have led to the sudden worsening of the situation. Resulting in a generalized paralysis of the economy that, inevitably, has seen the need to regulate employment in those companies that have seen their activity reduced or paralyzed.

This sudden worsening of the situation has brought with it the need to alleviate the economic consequences of the events. Measures that, for the most part, have been aimed at offering solutions and answers to the legal uncertainties posed by unheard-of events such as those that have been taking place.

In many countries, there’s a closure of a multitude of commercial establishments, paralyzing activity in different sectors of the economy, and imposing the confinement of citizens in their homes. In light of these measures, it was observed how companies, anticipating the inevitable decline in their activity, rushed to plan and adopt employment regulation measures that would allow adjusting labor costs to the socio-economic scenario that was being generated.

One scenario taken by most companies in the world is what is called a virtual meeting. In fact, virtual meetings have been known for several years, but during the “Work from Home” period, it seems that a need must be met. Unfortunately, not all companies are able to adopt this need due to limited resources and experience. Basically, they are not ready to welcome the changing era where wireless communication technology is mandatory for increasing company efficiency, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore they need professional technical support that is able to assist them in managing long-distance communication as well as all technical matters related to the data in it. This why Telecom Solutions is needed.

OnCall Telecom is a technology company with more than 150 customers. This company ensures that each of its customers has adequate technical support and is able to make the right technology decisions.

The services provided are:


OnCall Telecom provides local and long-distance services with PRI, SIP Trunking, and VOIP solutions. This means that customers can take advantage of the most advanced voice technology available today, suitable for any company that requires a reliable wireless solution.


OnCall Telecom offers state-of-the-art data management services with a choice of Dedicated Internet Access, Data T1, DS3, Ethernet, and Gigabit connections. With these backups, you can ensure your data connectivity is adequate and that it remains safe.


The company can help you to conduct a conference or long-distance communication. Coordinating web meetings or other virtual events is easy with OnCall Telecom.


Cloud-based technology is a necessity today. OnCall Telecom offers to compute management that includes unified communications, infrastructure as a service, desktop as a service, and even IT as a service.

OnCall Telecom is able to provide technology support for every company in this Work from the Home era, no matter how big the capacity of the company is.

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