Identify Customers that affect your online business

by Jones David

With the increase in the use of the internet in practically everything we do, there has been a surge in the number of customers who prefer online shopping as compared to offline ones. These retail customers can be slotted in various categories.

So, if you are a retailer trying to cope up with the variety of customers who visit your website or products, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve compartmentalized then entire customer clan into 6 categories, so it’s easy to identify the traits of your potential customer and be one step ahead.

So, dive into the content and thank us later!

  1. The “NEWLY ONBOARD” Customer – These customers are still trying to get a hang of the concept of online shopping and a bit apprehensive about the entire idea. Anything that seems complicated will tend to scare them off. The Best way to secure a grip onto these customers is to give them offers better than offline stores, to give them a reason to prefer online shopping. As they are new to e-commerce, they are unlikely to fiddle too much here and the re, so one good deal should be enough to catch their attention. An easy checkout procedure and good customer service will easily impress them, and they may help promote your website if they have a good experience.
    Customers always worry about their online privacy and at present, SSL certificate is an ideal way to assure your customers. Different types of SSL certificates are there for different purposes as they secure ongoing data between the website and the customer’s browser. For example, if you are running multiple sites then there is an option like multi domain SSL certificates (SAN) is the re, if only a single website then single domain SSL would be preferred etc. Being their first few ventures into the unknown world of internet retail, a good experience will tend to stay imprinted in their mind and will help increase good word of mouth. Once accustomed to your process, they tend to be loyal customers as your website becomes their comfort zone.
  2. The “HOARDER OR BY THE WAY” Customer – These customers either browse through products and websites for recreation or to kill time. These may also include those retail customers who are leisurely looking for something to spend some money on. It is pretty rare to find such shoppers settling on something quickly. As they have nothing particular in mind, The Best way to capture their attention is to showcase unusual out of the box products, or good eye catchy, budget-friendly deals which don’t burn a huge hole in their pockets. Such shoppers also tend to add a lot of things to their cart or use the Save for later option very often and hoard things they like and plan to buy them at a later point in time when they are sure about their decision. It is common to find such shoppers be indecisive or take long spans of time to finally purchase a product. Reminding customers about their cart contents is a good strategy to bring them back to shopping mode or informing them of any fall in the price of the items in their cart.
  3. The “BEST DEAL” Customer – These customers are driven towards products with discounts. They are on a constant lookout for good products at low costs and search for value for money. The idea is to make the customer believe that your price is The Best one available to prevent them from fluttering away to other websites to compare prices, or to provide The Best prices. One technique can be to introduce value packs or bundle packs with products at a good deal if bought together. End of season sales, stock clearance sales, and mid-season sales can also attract such customers. Quoting a high price and slashing it down during discount, also tends to excite these customers as it makes them feel they are getting a good deal, even if the prices have been intentionally spruced up. Time-bound sale prices, which last for a few hours or weeks can also get them to shop before the sale price expires.
  4. The “BEST PRODUCT” Customer – These customers are researchers. They read ever possible customer review and rating, compare prices and product features across multiple websites and have no issues in spending a lot of time to finally weigh all pros and cons and get their hands on The Best product available in the online retail space. It is important that your product description highlights what your product provides to the customer that others don’t. It is also essential to draw their attention toward value for money and customer satisfaction, post-sales, as these customers wish to settle for nothing less than the best, as the look for durable products to last them for a long time.
  5. The “TO THE POINT” Customer – These are the experienced, no-nonsense shoppers. They are focused, they know exactly what they want and do not have much time in hand. They directly go to the website, choose the product and checkout. They don’t pay much heed to the prices and convenience is a priority for them. They have no time for slack in procedures and any unnecessary time delay during checkout may drive them off. The Best way to retain such customers is to have a smooth and short checkout process and clear product specifications to assure the customer that they have found what they had in mind.
  6. The “TRENDY AND UP TO DATE” Customer – These customers look for the trendiest products available in the online stores. They keep track of the newest products and are rather impulsive buyers. All the wish to know is The Best and most attractive features of the product and how they can benefit from buying the product. The good thing is that these customers are ready to experiment and try out new products and is The Best trial audience who agrees to spend a little extra to get their hands on the newest things in the block. These customers should be engaged by sending them emails about the newest collection, a few days before there launch so that they feel they are amongst the first people to know about it.

At Last:

This pretty much covers all the possible kinds of customer likely to visit your website or products. Be sure to cater to all or maximum of these and you are good to go.

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