ieGeek Solar Security Camera ZS-GX2S Review

by Jones David

You can’t stay home constantly, but effective surveillance ensures your eyes are on your property 24/7. With several designs and advancing technology, choosing and comparing the models from a reliable source becomes difficult. 

Speaking of the brand ieGeek, I believe everyone is familiar with it. It provides all the security systems equipped with the latest technology for your usage and is worth every penny. An outdoor security camera is as beneficial as an indoor security camera.

The ZS-GX2S is the first ieGeek camera I used. Although it’s an old model, new features are constantly being added to the app; we can also enjoy these functions through app synchronization. I have to say that because of this model, I have a good impression of ieGeek. 

  1. Setup and WiFi Connection

Its wire-free design means you can put it where you need it and move it when needed. Fix the back plate bracket to the wall by drilling four holes to fix it, placing the camera on a bracket, and setting up the camera via the Cloudedge app. The wifi-router was straightforward, and the camera worked immediately without any problems. The whole process-app, wifi connection and installation only took me 15 minutes.

  1. Audio/Video Quality 

2K resolution should be a standard for outdoor cameras. ieGeek ZS-GX2S brings enhanced resolution as well as good dynamic range. The resulting videos and images are detailed even in deep shadows on sunny days. Viewing the camera from the app is excellent, and I can even change the camera is resolution from SD to QHD. Lastly, the night vision is very clear and makes it easy to see anything within the field of view at night. 

  1. APP and Detection 

The solar camera carries the vital AI functions required for any smart home. It is more advanced than conventional PIR or motion detection, with innovative built-in sensors and highly accurate detection technology. It can lessen false alarms from small animals, plants, or insects. It has a paid feature of intelligent recognition of packages/vehicles/pets/people and notifies you on the APP. You can turn on this feature if you want more details about what’s happening in front of your house. But we only need to turn on human detection, which is sufficient; after all, thieves are more terrifying than pets. The CloudEdge app is easy to use and has all the features I need, and we are also proficient in this aspect.

  1. Battery Life

With all settings maxed out, the discharge rate suggests the camera should last about four weeks. That’s with spotlights, long videos, and no “off” schedule while recording nearly 200 events. With a more conservative approach, you could extend this to about 1-2 months, and with solar power, even longer. This security camera has a 360° adjustable solar panel, which can run for 365 days with non-stop power. One of the critical advantages of solar-powered security cameras is their environmental sustainability. These cameras operate using solar power and are equipped with rechargeable batteries, meaning they don’t require constant charging or a connection to an electrical power source.

  1. Conclusion 

Since 2015, we have been paying attention to this security brand. In the beginning, they may not be the best in this aspect, but after eight years, it is evident that they are getting stronger and stronger in product performance, and they are the first in our hearts in terms of after-sales service and product guarantee(I have to say). This is the most reassuring and cost-effective security camera I have ever purchased.

We will keep a close eye on the latest developments of ieGeek cameras. If you are interested in ieGeek cameras, subscribe to this account for more information. 

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