ISL Light Remote Desktop Review

by Jones David

ISL Light is a web-based remote desktop software that allows you to access and control any of the Windows, Mac, or Linux computer in seconds from any computer or mobile device or to provide ad hoc technical support to users of mobile devices. Cross-platform, secure, fast screen saver, cloud-based, or on-premise license. Comprehensive customization options allow you to reposition the software to your own corporate identity and apply advanced security measures.

Features of ISL Light Remote Desktop App

  • Multiple monitors in Remote Desktop Session

Display all external monitors on a single screen or view each monitor in a separate window while operating an external computer. Switch between external monitors or drag and drop files from one monitor to another.

  • Connecting to ISL Online via RDP

Route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol through a secure ISL Online tunnel and connect to unattended computers over the Internet using your RDP access. With Remote Desktop Tunneling, only one computer needs to install ISL AlwaysOn, and you can still connect to other computers within the internal network via RDP or SSH – all without any VPN tunneling or firewall changes!

  • Provide remote support with a single click

Start a remote desktop session from a live chat and take control of your client’s desktop to provide support to your client.

  • Maximum safety

ISL Online enables two-factor authentication, integrates with external authentication services, guarantees AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, exportable audit logs, and automatic session recording. These and many other security measures and features make ISL Online fully compliant with the strict security standards customers expect.

Easy to use

When beginning a remote session from the portal, the ISL Light app is executed, presenting a unique 8-digit code to the technician. The Invite button mails the client a web link that opens the session when it is clicked on. Customers can also visit the ‘’ and enter the code manually. In both cases, the ISL Light app is executed on their system, which adds a top control bar for assigning or retracting the remote control and ending the sharing.

The technology window shows the customer’s screen and shows a toolbar at the top with access icons for different tools. They can share their screen with the customer, request control, transfer the session to another technician, invite others to join, and start the session recording. Restart controls for the customer are available when a technician enters Administrative mode via the Tools menu. This allows a “Restart and Resume” mode, so they don’t lose access when they restart the client computer.

Benefits of ISL Light

The main advantages of ISL Light Remote Desktop are improved customer support, a convenient workflow, and reliable security.

Improved customer support

Because ISL Online gives IT support teams access and control over desktops, even from a remote location, they have a better idea of what is happening with the system and what they can do to solve any problems. The ability to manage and access devices, even from remote locations, also means that customers who need support can expect to receive it even if IT support teams are not physically available on site.

Convenient workflow

With ISL Online, IT support teams can easily access the computers and systems they need, whether they are using an internal network or the Internet. They can also use a chat box to start a remote desktop session and take control of a user’s desktop. With these features, IT support teams don’t have to change anything in their workflows, as ISL Online helps them in multiple ways and solves a customer’s problem.

Reliable security

Multiple security is incorporated into ISL Online, so IT support teams and the people they serve can be confident that the data being processed will not fall into unauthorized hands. These security features include session recording, audit logs, end-to-end encryption, authentication services, and two-factor authentication.

Pricing and final words

ISL Light offers a fully functional 15-day free trial. There are a total of three plans, 1. Pay Per Use ($145), 2. Cloud ($469), and 3. Self-Hosted ($990). With one license, you can begin one active session at a time, while the number of users and installations is not limited.

Overall, this is a great software that just works effectively, no mess, you give the client the session code, connect quickly, and can support your client’s needs quickly and easily. It has an even more flexible approach to small and medium-sized licenses that are not limited to physical workstations. So in-case, if you have a small or medium operation and you require a remote control that anyone in your organization can use, from any PC, that’s the best choice or sometimes even the only option.


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