Johannesburg, ZA

by Jones David

Johannesburg is the largest city in terms of the population across South Africa. Although it is not a capital city, it is the wealthiest town in the nation because of the progress that it made since its founding. The dusty settlement is was a far cry from the present-day city which houses gleaming skyscrapers, offering both tourists and locals great living and recreating opportunities. Traditionally, it wasn’t known as a tourist spot but the visitors who stop by these transit points have found the city a great place and so tourism experienced a boost.

Tourist Attractions

Johannesburg is home to the tallest buildings in South Africa. One of which is Carlton Centre where you can have a view of the city from its top floor. Croc City Crocodile Farm is famous for visitors who would want to get up-close to the magnificent predator. You can even hold the hatchling in your arms. For more experience with the wildlife, head to Johannesburg Zoo or the Lion Park. The Cradle of Humankind which is a UNESCO world heritage site is also a few kilometers from the city center. It gives shelter to endangered species such as Bengal and Siberian Tigers. This is also the site where the fossil of the first Australopithecus Africanus was first excavated.

Entertainment and Nightlife 

Don’t let the sunset slow you down as you can have fun with different bars and pubs around town. Head off to the party strip and find Unplugged on the 7th. This bar has a laid-back, rustic charm that invites you to have blast with their old-school jukebox. It is a great spot if you just want to relax for the night. Other popular bars include The Mix. There are also casinos around town if you want to test your luck. For cultural travelers, a spectacular show can be caught in Liberty The atre situated in the famous Nelson Mandela Square. Book your Johannesburg Hotels with


The town has been famous for its malls that the shopping centers have been tourist attractions as well. Among the several malls in the area include Sandton City which is the largest, Rosebank Glen Shopping Centre and Hyde Park which is the most glamorous. Upscale and flea markets are available in the city so whatever you are looking for and no matter how much your budget is, shopping will not be much of a problem. African arts can be found in Oriental Plaza and is a great spot for those who would like to bag a souvenir.

Best Museums

Johannesburg has several museums that bespeak about its history and culture. One of which is the AECI Dynamite Factory Museum. It is housed in a 19th-century dwelling of a mining official and increases one’s knowledge about the explosive and its role in the mining industry. Another most visited is Madiba Freedom Museum which was named after President Mandela’s clan. It displays a collection of photos and memorabilia of South Africa’s fight to democracy. To know more about the military prowess of South Africa, head off to National Museum of Military History where you will see all kinds of weapons, armored vehicles, tanks, and even jet fighter and a midget submarine. 

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