Meet 5 Super Tips You Need to Know About Mac Preview

by Jones David

Of all the applications including Mac photo editor that are already installed on the Mac, the Preview is probably what we use the most. Although this little program does not have much visual impact, it works very well offering us useful possibilities for everyday life. This time we’ll teach you 5 tips you need to know about the Preview on Mac. These tips will make a lot of difference in your productivity, shall we?

To whom we prepare this material

We prepare this material (carefully let’s say) for people who use the Mac in their daily lives. Our goal is to show the real potential that the Preview can offer to people who use the Mac for professionally, or simply for personal use.

1. Multiple files: Even if the files have different formats, the Pre-Viewer opens all at once. You can open a preview window for each of them, but it is much easier to work with multiple files in a single window. To do this, do the following:

Select one or more files by pressing shift + mouse click. To select random files, click on them with the command key. After selecting click with the right mouse button and choose Open with> Preview.

Note that the Previewer has opened all three files, even if they have different formats such as JPG, PNG, and PSD. Important: If Pre-Preview opens in different windows, you can combine them by clicking Window> Merge all windows

After that, note that the files will be separated by tabs! Thus, it will be possible to manipulate them in a single window, making our life much easier

2. Speech Balloons: If you are one of those who likes a meme, especially when it comes to playing with friends and family, this is a great tip.

With the Mac Preview, you can use notes and speech bubbles to comment texts on an image (iPhone photo for example) and PDF. These items are often used in conjunction with the highlight, underline, and strikethrough tools that are positioned at the top of the application.

3. File Sharing: Yes, you can share your files from the Previewer. This includes email, iMessage, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. To share your files click on the small arrow located at the top of the program window.

4. Color Editing: A very useful preview feature on the Mac is the Color Editor, especially when browsing through photos. To use it click Tools menu> Adjust Color. After clicking Adjust Color, a small pop-up will open on the screen with fine-tuning and color-setting options. In it, you can make the adjustments you want. How to smooth edges in Photoshop on your Mac? For this, you need a special tool.

Now tools like Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation will be available in the Preview.

5. Slide Show: With the Mac Preview you can also display your images on slides, which makes it much easier, especially if you have to show the photos on the small screen of an 11 or 13 inch MacBook Air for example.

After that, your image (or your images) will appear in full screen. Remember that after they are in full screen will appear some command options at the bottom of the screen; they serve to advance, pause or rewind your presentation.

I hope the tips are useful! See you next time.

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