Mylio Unveils the Next Version of Photo Collaboration, Sharing, and AI-Enhanced Search

by Jones David

Mylio Photos (v24) Introduces a Groundbreaking Approach to Effortlessly Organize, Share, and Preserve Your Memories

The latest version of Mylio Photos, version 24, which will be released soon. This significant update makes it easier for people and small businesses to manage and protect their growing collections of photos, videos, and documents.

The CEO of Mylio, David Vaskevitch, talked about the company’s core values. He said, “At Mylio, we have always fought to protect cherished memories while prioritizing user privacy.” Our development process is well-thought-out, based on facts, and heavily influenced by the helpful feedback from our community. Our users keep us going, and this latest release shows how dedicated we are to protecting your privacy and keeping your precious memories safe.

In line with this commitment, Mylio Photos (version 24) offers an easy-to-use and collaborative interface while protecting users’ privacy to the fullest. This release continues Mylio’s tradition of setting the standard for keeping memories safe and organized.

COLLECT: All Your Photos and Memories in One Single Place

It can be hard to keep track of and remember special moments when your media is spread out on different platforms and storage devices. With our newest updates, users can easily organize all of their memories into a single library that is easy to search.

  • Guided Import: It’s now easier than ever to import media from various sources, such as Apple or Android phones, camera cards, social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr, and folders on your laptop, desktop, or NAS. Users can easily choose the source they want to use and follow a step-by-step guide for importing.
  • DeDupe on Import: No more wasting time and being annoyed: Mylio Photos will now find and get rid of duplicate files automatically when you import them. Get back valuable disk space and get rid of unnecessary files.
  • Import: For professional users, we’ve made it easy to connect to their accounts and added support for Camera to Cloud devices, which lets them import media directly.
  • Linked Folders: You don’t have to move media around or make copies of files already on your hard drive. Mylio Photos automatically finds and opens files on all your devices by accessing them from where they are stored.

SELECT: Dynamic Search with AI makes it easy to find and organize memories quickly

It can be hard and frustrating to find the perfect memory where there is a lot of media to choose from. With its advanced Search and Filter tools, Mylio Photo saves the day. Users can easily find and organize their most treasured memories, ensuring the best moments are always within reach.

  • SmartTags and Dynamic Search: Mylio Photos uses computer vision to create SmartTags that can find a lot of different activities, objects, text, and visual traits in photos. This automatically creates an information-rich local database when combined with face recognition, text recognition, and a full list of camera and lens settings. The result is the amazing Dynamic Search, which lets you find photos in many ways and very quickly. It is important to note that as users add new files to their library, the most common search queries are updated automatically in the background. The result: Search results are 3–20 times faster than traditional search technology.
  • Spaces: With the concept of Spaces, it’s easy to make and get to the media. Users only need to tap the right option to put a photo or folder in the correct category and add it to a Space. This feature makes it easier and more flexible to manage your media library. You can group photos into categories like Personal, Family, Work, or Private, or you can add your own custom categories in Mylio Photos+.

REFLECT: Look around by person, place, time, and more

In our busy digital world, it’s easy to forget how beautiful it is to share and cherish our special memories. The good news is that new tools like Shared Albums and Family History resources give us creative ways to keep and share our family stories with the people who are most important to us.

  • Shared Albums: With Mylio Photos+, users can now create and organize semi-private albums that are easy to share with a small group. These pictures live on web pages that aren’t indexed by search engines. This gives the owners more privacy and control over who can see and download the content. The SafeShare feature also lets users get rid of some or all metadata, which makes privacy even more complete.
  • Family History Metadata: If you are really into genealogy, you can now easily add important family history information to photos, videos, and documents using family history metadata. This includes adding dates, titles, descriptions, tags for people, geotagging, and information about where the photo was taken. These metadata standards are in line with the rules set by the Family History Metadata Working Group. This will make it easier for future generations to find files.
  • FamilySearch Memories: Users can share photos of their ancestors on using the Memories feature. This lets everyone in their family tree see these essential pictures. This information is also intelligently linked to specific people on the family tree and kept in a permanent archive so future generations can use it.

CONNECT: All devices linked for access anywhere

Photo libraries often have problems, like only working on one device or platform or sync issues that are slow and unpredictable. But now that new features like Mylio Drive are out there, your favorite memories can be perfectly organized and easily accessed from anywhere. Users of Mylio Photos+ now have a lot of great new options to choose from.

Unlimited Access, Everywhere

  • SpaceSaver: People who use Mylio Photos+ can now make their photo libraries work better on devices with limited storage, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With this feature, you can store optimized versions of your photos on mobile devices and keep the original, high-quality files on backup devices. (If you need full-quality files on mobile, tap to sync them from one of your backup devices.) You can now carry hundreds of thousands of optimized raw photos on your phone or tablet and access them anywhere.
  • Mylio Drive: With Mylio Drive, you can store as many optimized photos as you want on an encrypted server. Mylio Drive lets you sync your files across multiple devices without any problems, even when you’re out and about. Plus, all devices can access optimized images that can be printed as 5x7s and have full raw editing photos for editing.

More options for storage

  • Travel Drives: You can turn any portable hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD) into a Travel Drive. This feature automatically backs up your most recent photos while travelling, making it easy for Mylio Photos+ users to access full-quality photos while they’re out and about.
  • iOS Drive Access: You can now use external storage with Mylio Photos+ on iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. Apple users can now add a lot more storage to their iOS devices by using fast and portable SSD drives. You can import files, store files, or make backups with these connected drives.

Collaborate with Family and Trusted Team Members

  • Remote Control: Using the remote control, you can change settings on any device linked to your Mylio Photos+ account. This tool is handy for people who need to manage the main settings, views, and sync on the devices of family or team members. You can decide which Spaces are available and how images sync. For extra security, you can even make it necessary to enter a PIN to change settings or switch between Spaces.

PROTECT: Don’t lose an important picture or video.

Most of the time, photos are kept on a single device, which can break down. Things that you carry around with you can also get lost or stolen. Mylio Photos+ gives you a complete backup solution that uses the devices you already have to protect your privacy and save money.

  • Cloud Independence: You no longer need cloud storage to keep all your devices in sync and protect your photos. Because the devices talk to each other directly, backups happen faster and cost less.
  • Precise Cloud Syncing and Encryption: Mylio Photos offers precise cloud syncing based on ratings, EXIF data, labels, and more for people who still like to use the cloud. You can also encrypt your files to protect them from hackers and people who want to steal your data. Mylio Photos works with well-known cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and platforms that work with S3.
  • Local Storage: As cloud storage prices keep increasing and local storage gets cheaper, many people are looking for other options. By using connected drives that all signed-in devices can connect with, Mylio Photos+ offers much faster sync speeds than the cloud.

Raising the bar

Mylio Photos, now on its 24th version, wants to raise the bar for protecting users’ privacy. Many companies use AI to look into their users’ lives and the information about their families. Mylio, on the other hand, puts user privacy first. All artificial intelligence processes here happen only on the user’s devices, and personal information is never sent to the company or any third parties for other uses.

As of version 24, Mylio Photos offers a safer and more dependable way to organize, share, and protect personal memories by combining advanced AI tools with local storage and device-to-device communication.

Pricing and Availability

Mylio Photos (version 24) will be available on all platforms imminently.

  • As a free app that can only be used on one device, Mylio Photos makes collecting and organizing photos, videos, and documents easier.
  • The premium plan, Mylio Photos+, costs $9.99 a month or $99 (USD) a year and has more features.

To download Mylio Photos for free, go to After installing the app on a device, you can opt-in for a free 30-day trial of Mylio Photos+ to experience the complete feature set.

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