Post-apocalyptic Skins For CS2

by Arun Bhatnagar

CS2 is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. There are many variations of post-apocalyptic skins in this game, but only a few of them really stand out from the rest. In this article written by eZstah, we will look at the top post-apocalyptic skins in the CS2 game. You can also use Profilerr’s CS inventory calculator to estimate players’ inventory, including the cost and number of skins.

Which Skin To Choose Based On The Theme Of Post-apocalypse

Various versions of the end of the world have become a popular theme in American and other cultures. People may take apocalyptic predictions with varying degrees of seriousness, but the style associated with them has become part of fashion anyway. Objects that in one way or another refer to this theme can be found in many games, and CS2 is no exception.

Glock-18 | Nuclear Garden

A nuclear disaster is a scenario that is often found in both science fiction and scientific forecasts. In CS2 he is represented by skins for the Glock-18 and MAC-10 called Nuclear Garden. The poisonous green color, images of bones and skulls, as well as symbols of radiation danger, are a vivid embodiment of the gloomy theme. Players can replenish their inventory not only with regular versions of skins but also with souvenir ones.

M4A4 | Radiation Hazard

Another development of the same theme, this time in a different color scheme – purple-orange coloring for M4A4 and AUG. The Radiation Hazard series convey a sense of danger and post-apocalyptic mood no less convincingly. Contrasting color combinations make this design recognizable from afar, and the stripes highlight the outline of the weapon.

Sawed-Off | Wasteland Princess

The weapon with which you have to wander through the wasteland or fight off zombies must support morale with its very appearance. If you agree, check out the Sawed-Off Wasteland Princess, a weathered sawed-off that looks like the owner hand-painted it by adding one letter after another. Flashback and Wasteland Rebel are designed in a similar spirit, although not as bright.

AK-47 | Rat Rod

Another topic that fans of the post-apocalyptic style should pay attention to is skins that clearly show that they have survived a lot. One of these skins is the AK-47 Rat Rod. There are visible traces of rust on the body of the weapon, which did not arise due to the high float, but according to the author’s intention. The butt, magazine, and barrel are wrapped in duct tape, and the body is decorated with gloomy inscriptions like “Nowhere to run” and “Go back to hell”. 

As the float increases, the number of scratches and abrasions on the skin remains unchanged, but it darkens, becoming covered with a layer of patina. It is worth noting that this skin is used by one of the best pro players – Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev, who plays as part of Navi. This is a fairly budget skin, its cost can range from $5 to $30.

P250 | Verdigris

The P250 | Verdigris skin, added to the game in 2019, is made in a similar style. This is a pistol skin with a copper finish that looks like it’s been exposed to acid rain. As the float increases, the amount of patina increases, and eventually the body is almost completely covered with it. And if you’re willing to spend money on gloves, you can complement your look with the Duct Tape skin.

R8 Revolver | Survivalist

R8 Revolver Survivalist has the theme of survival already mentioned in the title. The barrel of the revolver is painted with green stripes to help camouflage against the background of vegetation, and the handle is wrapped with adhesive tape. However, the shabby appearance does not make this weapon any less deadly.

Dual Berettas | Drift Wood

Another skin in a similar spirit is Dual Berettas | Drift Wood. The entire surface of the body reproduces the wood texture quite convincingly. Indeed, in conditions where resources are limited, it is often necessary to use any available materials, so it can even come down to the wooden elements of weapons.

XM1014 | Elegant Vines

One of the typical examples of a post-apocalyptic world is cities giving way to nature and abandoned buildings with vines and trees growing through them. This motif is also reflected in the design of the XM1014 Elegant Vines: the body of the weapon appears to be entwined with green vines and scarlet flowers. The combination of the angular shape of the weapon and the floral design makes a memorable impression.

PP-Bizon | Irradiated Alert

The creators of PP-Bizon Irradiated Alert chose a different approach to the design of the skin: to make its main theme one of the dangers that often threaten humanity in post-apocalyptic stories. The most noticeable design detail, which stands out brightly against the blue-gray background, is the yellow radiation hazard symbol. The background for it is wide gray, blue, and dark red stripes.

AUG | Plague

The design of this skin is inspired by The Last of Us. In The Last of Us, the cause of the collapse of the familiar world is a pandemic caused by a mutated fungus. The design of this weapon is reminiscent of similar examples from real history: its main theme was the plague that once devastated medieval cities.

MP9 | Food Chain

Finally, let’s mention one more skin, which such collections rarely do without. The psychedelic design of the MP9 Food Chain is based on the law of survival, according to which the one higher in the food chain wins. The theme of the constant struggle for life is embodied in the image of creepy but vibrant mutant creatures.

In September 2023, the peak number of players reached 1,556,326, which is of course incredible. CS2 offers the community such a large selection of skins that every player can find at least one special skin for themselves.

Wrapping It Up

If you like the style of the post-apocalypse, pay attention to the skins from the selection. Some of them look quite creepy, and their design has a lot of interesting small details. We also recommend visiting the Profilerr service, where you can evaluate the inventory of other players, including the number and cost of skins, as well as settings about players. The service is available to players from all over the world, from crowded New York and the deserted islands of Norway.

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