Pros and Cons of Smart Sunglasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

by Jones David

Not so long ago, Facebook and Ray-Ban announced that their Smart Sunglasses would be a breakthrough in portable gadgets. It is worth noting that Google tried to enter this market many years ago, but Google Glass turned out to be a useless gadget that is not ready to provide meaningful benefits to users. So what is so special about Facebook and Ray-Ban collaboration? Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the new product.


Dual Cameras for Taking Photos and Videos

The announced device has two cameras that are designed to replace classic smartphones. Now the user only needs to look in the right direction and take a photo or video. It is worth noting that such a gadget will be especially convenient for those people who work in narrow tunnels and are going to photograph parts of structures or electronics to analyze their condition.

Another plus of the dual camera is that a wide viewing angle is available to users. In addition, videos can be filmed with sound so that you can comment on all your actions and broadcast files to other devices.

Built-in Headphones

Imagine a world without dozens of gadgets. All you need to do is take your sunglasses. Small speakers are built into the frame and are located near the auricle. By touching the head, the device sends sound waves that will help you listen to music. Now fans of headphones can buy new glasses and forget about additional devices.

Fast Sync With Smartphone

The main feature of the new device is the ability to sync with smartphones quickly. Now you can upload your photos and videos in one click. In addition, the Facebook View app allows you to upload content for social networks and edit videos. In general, this solution allows you to manage all media content that is stored in glasses quickly.

Original Design

Ray-Ban is a company that has always created beautiful eyeglass frames. That is why this device turned out to be quite attractive. It’s worth noting that you don’t even have to turn on your cameras and headphones all the time. Think of these glasses as a stylish accessory and device to take an emergency photo or video.

But the problem is that Facebook is not yet ready to release a large batch of glasses. So you will have to stand in line if you want to be the first to buy such a device. If you are a student, such a waste of time can be a problem for you. Just Check Speedy Paper reviews to know who you can delegate your papers to. Then you will have more time to buy this device.


Battery Life

And here is the first drawback that Facebook representatives mentioned in passing. The battery only lasts for six hours. Of course, many people will have enough time to take a few photos or videos. But what if you want to listen to music all day long? Then it would help if you didn’t give up on classic headphones.

Poor Camera Performance

One 5-megapixel sensor is mounted on both sides of the frame. Even low-budget smartphones can take better photos and videos. Of course, this is a niche device, and you don’t have to buy it to create the perfect photos. However, the lens aperture is not enough even for daytime photography. Another problem is the length of the video. You only have 30 seconds to create your mini-movie.

Average Speaker Output

Don’t think that these glasses will replace good headphones. However, you will not be able to listen to music in a noisy place. In addition, it will be difficult for you to hear any sound signals on the street. And do not forget that this gadget is synchronized with a smartphone via Bluetooth. This is why your smartphone should be in your pocket. Storing your phone in your bag may degrade wireless performance.

Lack of AR Capabilities

It’s no secret that Facebook wants to enter the AR market and become a leader. However, the new glasses do not have support for augmented reality or other technologies. In general, these are ordinary sunglasses with cameras and speakers. Such technical options clearly cannot justify the high price tag.

Water Resistance

You shouldn’t be walking in the rain with these glasses. The problem is that the frame has rather large gaps between the moving parts, so water can easily get onto the microcircuit. That is why you should not wear glasses in rainy weather or swim with them in the pool.

High Price

Most likely, you will agree that $299 is a rather high price for glasses with not the most advanced technology. In addition, there is no AR technology or voice assistant. That is why the new glasses from Facebook look like an expensive toy. It’s worth noting that the company is positioning the gadget as experimental, so you should think twice before buying it.

Small Built-in Storage

All photos and videos you take will be automatically saved to the internal SSD drive. The problem is that you can only create 500 files. The company deliberately went to this limitation to reduce the cost of the device. Do not forget that you do not have direct synchronization from smartphones so that all files will be copied manually in the application.

Final Words

As you can see, this device is quite interesting but still looks like a basic prototype. Most likely, the company is trying to determine the need for such smart glasses before creating something really interesting. But are you willing to spend $299 to become a guinea pig? This is why you should think twice before purchasing these glasses.

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