PS5 Modded Controller in 2021. All You Need To Know

by Jones David

Which component can help you make the best of your gaming experience or spoil it completely? That’s right, it’s a gaming controller. The gadget basically becomes an extension of your hand.

It’s hard to imagine someone not being impressed with Sony’s latest gaming controller, the Dualsense, that comes with amazing capabilities. You will get 100% immersed into the action on-screen with new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback technology. Improved design with a more rounded grips shape, built-in battery, and a microphone add more style and functionality to the product. 

However, the wish to upgrade the product so that it meets your gaming needs or ergonomic requirements is quite natural. Today’s gamers are very demanding, and the standard functionality that everyone else has doesn’t satisfy them anymore. We all want to get ahead of the competition, and advancing a gaming controller is the fastest way to do so.

Here comes the question:

What kind of upgrades can you add on a PS5 controller and how do you get them?

A number of companies providing gaming controller modification services will help you with that. In this article, we will cover services offered by one of such companies, Mega Modz. These folks have been on the market since 2012 and specialize in performance and exterior upgrades for gamepads for all systems, including PS5. Their mods have supported 3 generations of controllers, starting with the PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming systems.

Before we get to the next section, let’s debunk a couple of popular myths about mods for gaming controllers. It’s a common belief that mods are the same as hacks, which will get you punished by Sony or MS.

Well, they are not.

Mods are nothing but a controller pressing buttons on your behalf. They don’t hack a game code or give you super abilities that guarantee wins. A modded controller is a nice addition to your overall gaming skills: your ability to strategize, make decisions quickly, know your weak and strong areas and things of this nature. You are not going to be penalized or banned for using them.

Now that we have that cleared out, let’s move on to the mods selection. Mega Modz PS5 modded controller can be equipped with up to 15 options that can be added as individual options or through mod packages. 

If you are new to this and would like to try a couple of features out to see how you like them – just go with ones that seem to click with your performance goals. If you are determined to succeed and get the most out of modding functionality, going with a bundle is your best choice. Based on the games you play, you can opt-out for a Call of Duty, Fortnite, Destiny, Battlefield package. You are right to think that mods have been mainly developed for shooting and battle royale games.

Since there is no app or PC required to operate mods, a controller will come with a custom led indicator installed on the front, which is a brand exclusive feature, and an extra button on the back, a mod switch.

But what if you play other gaming genres or are looking for a pro controller as opposed to a modded one? What choices do you have here? Trust us, it’s plenty.

The hardware options are mostly aimed at improving in-game control, accuracy, and ergonomics. These will be mechanical shoulder and face buttons, trigger locks, interchangeable sticks, and advanced back buttons. On the software side, you can go with macros – these will give you more flexibility as well.

Now that you’ve learned all types of performance modifications you can add to your PS5 controller, it’s time to try them out in action and start getting more wins. You can check a full line of Mega Modz controller upgrades here. 

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