Resume writing tips: make your resume stand out

by Jones David

Your resume is an essential part of your job application, and you must get it right to give yourself the chance of getting a job. Employers only spend about six seconds scanning a resume, so you must first highlight the most relevant information. Also, you must know the right times of the day and the correct day of the week to send in your resume to improve your chances of getting noticed. 

There are many things you need to know about writing a resume professionally. Your resume can be your advantage or disadvantage during your job hunting. You compete with numerous other job seekers, so you must stand out. Without meeting you, employers can only determine if you’re the right fit for their job or not through your resume. Thankfully, it’s possible to write your resume in a way that stands out and demonstrates your credentials as the best fit for the role. This article provides a few tips:

  1. Be short and direct

This is one of the essential tips for resume writing. Whether you write your resume or outsource it to resume services online, conciseness is a significant trait of a professionally-written resume. Ideally, your resume shouldn’t exceed one page. Unless you’ve had a very extensive career or highly relevant work experience, ensure that your resume is only a page long. Go straight to the point and be brief with the information you’re providing. 

Ensure that you only include recent and relevant work experience. This is how to keep it concise. It doesn’t matter that you have experience in other fields; if it’s not relevant to the position you’re seeking, you’re better off not including it. Many experts recommend only including relevant jobs from the last 10 – 15 years. You must note this if you’re a very experienced person. Adding irrelevant and distant job experience to your resume makes it too busy and removes the focus from the recent and relevant experience and qualifications. Remember that employers only take six seconds to read through your resume. So, make it focused, concise and clear. 

  1. Highlight the relevant experience and skills

You may not have a good experience if you’re using submitting the same resume for different job postings. The best practice is to create a resume specific to each application. This lets you target the job offer by first highlighting the most relevant experience, skills, and qualifications for each opening. This increases your chance of getting any job you’re applying to. 

You can simply highlight the three most relevant and recent work experiences or positions, your best skills, and your qualification for the job you’re applying for in your resume. Brevity is valuable to employers, and they’re not interested in every position you’ve held in your life. 

However, if you don’t have a relevant work history for the role you’re applying for, you must be creative with how you write your work experience. You may want to focus more on your skills and how you used them to benefit your past jobs. Emphasize more of the relevant skills you have for the job opening, and write your resume so potential employers can see that you have the necessary skill and can contribute positively to their company even without relevant previous experience. 

  1. Use numbers and metrics to demonstrate results.

One crucial trait you should learn from professional resume writing services is their use of numbers to highlight a job seeker’s success in a past role. Numbers help you to quantify your job, and you can prove to potential employers how successful you were and how much work you did at your past jobs. The best way to use numbers in your resume is when you’re highlighting your achievements. This will give the recruiter the idea of how successful you were at your past job and allow them to project how successful you can be with them. You’re halfway through getting the job if you can get a recruiter to do this. 

  1. Use the appropriate language

You shouldn’t use certain words in your resume because they’re passive and lackluster. Instead, seek strong action words like improved, achieved, established, or designed, when describing your past achievements. These words sound active and confident and demonstrate your abilities. 


Writing a resume is a crucial part of your job hunting. If you do it well, you increase your chances of getting a job. 

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