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by Jones David
From its humble beginnings as a graphic MUD in the late 1990s, Runescape has been transformed into the world’s most popular free MMORPG. Despite a sharp decline in early 2010, the medieval fantasy game has retained its cultural relevance with a full-fledged renaissance. Today, Runescape features weekly updates, a growing player base, and a community that is more vibrant and active than ever before. But how is this possible?Intrigued by Runescape’s spectacular journey, we ventured deep into the land of Gielinor to find out more.

RuneScape Gameplay

When navigating to the homepage of the game, you may be surprised that there are 2 separate versions of Runescape. There is Runescape 3, the original game that has been running continuously for 2 decades. And there is Old School Runescape, which was released in 2013. But what’s the difference? After some significant changes in the meta of the game, the developers released Old School Runescape, which allowed players to play the game as it existed in 2007.

The main game was reduced to Runescape 3, while the 2007 version was titled Old School Runescape. In addition to a shared login and similar in-game mechanics, these games are entirely different. Both have their pros and cons, and we’ve included a rating for each version. That said, the next report of the game is about the Old School version, which is almost 5 times more popular than Runescape 3. Get the fastest, safest, and cheapest RuneScape gold, more surprises you can get!

Land of Intrigue & Magic

After I got word of the return of the mighty dragon, I knew I had to stop him. So I traveled to the far reaches of the North and climbed to the top of the iceberg. There I discovered the Oracle, which helped me unravel a secret map of the dragon’s hidden lair. From the re, I gathe red a crew to make a voyage across the high seas. But as our ship approached Crandor Island, the dragon attacked. Fireballs rained from the sky as the ship capsized, and the crew was lost in the sea.

I managed to grab a board and washed ashore two days later. I had reached the island. But at what cost? Determined to continue the search, I gathe red the last of my courage and demolished my way into the dragon chambers, far beneath the island’s volcano. We fought an epic battle, but I finally defeated him. I emerged from the room with my search log complete.

Exploring the Game

From the moment your character leaves Tutorial Island and docks in the city of Lumbridge, you have complete control over your destiny. Go over the map, from the Kingdom of Kandarin in the West to the wastelands of Morytania in the East. The world is your sandpit, and you have only one goal: immerse yourself in the game and sculpt your legacy.

Of course, there are countless different routes to take when you first enter the game, and no one to guide you on your way. That’s why it’s important to jump right in and explore the mechanics of the game to get a feel for what’s ahead. And the re’s no better way to learn how to play than to go on your first quest. Quests are one of the coolest parts of Runescape. The y’re a big part of what makes the game special. For starters, the game contains an incredible amount of thoughts and details.

Nowhere in Runescape will you find a quest that forces you to collect so many items or kill ten of these creatures. Instead, quests offer compelling storylines with real challenges that reward players with unlockable content, powerful items, and game-changing items. There are all kinds of quests, each with their starting point, style, and difficulty level. One beginner’s quest may take 30 minutes, while you help Romeo reacquaint himself with his star-crossed lover, Juliet.

Your mission? Make a plan to help them escape to a life that will last happily ever after. Or you can talk to the group of heroes that roam the Wizard’s Tower. One thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, you’re helping them unravel the hidden secrets of an ancient fairytale civilization! Because of Runescape’s sandbox nature, the re’s no main story for you to follow.

Yes, there are several overarching themes – but no coherent arch. And that’s okay because quests are stepping in to weave a love story that will give players an insight into Gielinor and his mysteries.


Maybe you’d instead take your skills to the next level. After all, they’re one of Runescape’s most iconic mechanics. No problem! Runescape has more than 20 different skills (15 for non-members), ranging from farming and handicrafts to killer and strength. That means whether you’re a peaceful player or a combat pro, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s say you want to be a close-quarters fighter. Just equip your strongest gear and go to an area like the Goblin’s Lair. Pull your sword up high and bring it down on the little green devils! With each hit, you’ll get combat XP in skills like attack, strength, and defense. Finish the job, and you’ll be rewarded with a small pile of loot and bones that you can bury in honor of your favorite Runescape God.

Or maybe your fantasy is a magician? Unlock the powers of the rune essence in the Rune Mysteries quest, and use the game’s namesake mysterious glyphs to access new spells in your Wizard’s Spellbook. You can use your skills against any number of creatures in Gielinor to collect and plunder XP.

You may want to take a different path. Many players choose to build up their crafting skills and don’t engage in battles at all. Instead, they equalize their expertise in fishing, mining, herblore, and other support related skills.

The ultimate goal of every Runescape player? To reach the elusive level 99, which acts as a badge of honor and earns respect from fellow adventurers.


Runescape’s rut is notoriously tricky, and there are periods of grueling repetition waiting for you. Reaching level 99 in specific skills takes hundreds of hours of fun. Yeah, you read that right. And it’s not always fun. Take the agility, for example. In addition to the 300 hours needed to reach level 99, it’s also one of the most challenging skills. The starting point? You have to run around the obstacle courses for hours, which are very click-intensive.

Distractions & Diversions

Whether you’re a total noob or a seasoned veteran, Runescape offers many distractions and distractions. Take PvP, for example. The game has a thriving competition scene that uses Runescape’s incredibly complex fighting system. Oh, you thought the simple graphics and hack ‘n slash combat was easy to learn? Think about it again.

PvP combat is one of the hardest aspects of the game to master. It requires a well-rounded knowledge of the battle triangle, items & equipment, and all the nuances of the different fighting styles. Matches can go on for minutes, and they often come down to split-second decisions and pure tactical bravery.

Sculpting a Legacy

Runescape has a surprising complexity that contrasts so vividly with the simplistic graphics. That’s because Jagex Games Studio develops Runescape with a philosophy they call Living Games. As part of this philosophy, they regularly probe the community with new ideas for content. This enables players and creates a system of trust and collaboration – the perfect environment for innovative and groundbreaking game developments.

You have to set goals, increase your knowledge and skills, and work on accumulating wealth by investing in yourself and the economy. But you get it all done in a virtual world that invites you to escape from the stress of everyday life and live out your medieval fantasies. If you’re a fan of the rut, Runescape is an exciting sandbox experience that allows you to sculpt your legacy.


Runescape 3 is the original version of the game that has been running for two decades. Of course, it is refined, balanced, and updated with an endless amount of content to explore. As such, you’ll find 4 additional skills that never made it in Old School Runescape. You can also enjoy beautiful graphics that have been carefully refined to work with such an accessible game client. There are new questlines, mini-games, and tons of improvements in the quality of life.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference? The Evolution of Combat meta change, which has added hotkeys and your traditional MMO-style combat mechanics. But you’ll also find a game that’s full of microtransaction. And a community that usually consists of veteran players who have clung to the game because of its long life cycle. While Old School’s Runescape community is welcoming and inviting, Runescape 3 is much more closed.

It seems that Jagex and the RS3 community somewhere along the way have forgotten what made Runescape so famous in the first place. Yes, the game is still charming and full of adventure. But for all the new changes and updates, it still feels like something is missing.

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