Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

by Jones David

Being a blogger is a fantastic way to express your opinions and get yourself known out the re. Theset-up of a blog does not cost a lot at all. In fact, there are a great many sites out there which allow you to set up your blog for free.

However, a blog is nothing if you don’t have followers. You mind as well be penning your thoughts and keeping them in a folder on your PC. This means that you need to implement solid digital marketing principles to get your blog to the masses.

We want to open your world to a few methods that you implement to build traffic to your blog once you have your social media communities established. Let’s help you create an audience for your blog. Don’t just share your blog links on social. You’ve got to be strategic about how you make sure that people on social media engage with your blog links. Today you are going to learn the science social media marketing when you are blogging.

Pick your channels carefully

Identify who your posts are geared towards. This will make it easier to choose which social media platform will generate the most traffic.  For example, if you’re targeting professional and business readers, your potential traffic is from LinkedIn. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are ideal for a more visually stimulated reader. This is why B2C companies experience more success on these platforms.

Watch bounce rates on your posts in your analytics. (‘Bounce rate’ is measured when someone visits only one page on your website and immediately exits the site and doesn’t go through the other pages on your site.) By monitoring this, you will be able to determine if traffic from specific social media platform drives you better traffic than others. In other words, if readers from a specific social media channel are more likely to explore your site than others.

Automate Content Sharing

Connect your blog to the social profiles you have chosen to use. The most likely options are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For each new blog post, the title will automatically become what is shared along with a link to yourdigital post. Customize what is shared each time by editing the message in this area with each post. This practice will ensure that you have a constant stream of new content going to your site.

Repurpose Your Blog Content

Repurposing your blog content allows you to extend your blog posts’ lifespans. The bigger your blog grows means that you will build up a great collection of articles. By continuously promoting them on social media, you will be giving these great articles a longer lifespan.

Plug in Social Sharing Buttons

Choose your key social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for your social sharing buttons. Avoid adding more than three making it easier for your reader to pick an option because when people are given too many choices, they will instead choose none.

Sharing Soundbites Of Your Blog Posts.

Highlight key points or soundbites that will make great social content on their own. It could be anything of valuable use to your audience like quotes, stats or fact checks make up exciting updates. Using this content to make stunning infographics for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Extract quotes from your blog posts and put them up onto Twitter with a link to that particular blog post.

Make use of Social Media Plugins by adding a “Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram” button to all your blog posts. Create a Facebook page for your blog. Regularly share your content on Facebook. There are some great tools to help make this more comfortable for you. Encourage your readers to do the same by adding a Facebook “like” or “share” button. Utilize the social sharing tools on your website. Write catchy headlines, that will evoke a desire to share your content. Give your readers compelling content. The sky’s the limit!

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