Splitgate Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Play

by Jones David

Splitgate is one very interesting game to play. Moreover, the idea of portals makes the game fascinating and, at the same time, mysterious. Splitgate is not so unique as it adopts mechanics and gameplay present in many other shooter games. 

As such, you can thrive in splitgate if you have basic shooter-game knowledge. We’ll discuss how to play splitgate alongside some tips and tricks that will help you not suck. Furthermore, we recommend a visit to Battlelog.co for the best undetected Splitgate hacks and cheats for better performance at the game.

About Splitgate

There’s really nothing new about Splitgate that makes it any different from other shooter games. Also, Splitgate uses the general FPS control. You can play Splitgate if you have some experience with other first-person shooter games. The game has different objectives depending on the map or mode you’re playing.

The only special feature of the game is the presence of portals. Portals in the game allow players to move from one position to another in the fastest way possible. Most times, this helps players to escape from dangerous situations or set traps. 

Splitgate comes with 16 maps and 15 different modes, which you can choose from. Some of the available modes include Domination, King of the Hill, Takedown, and Team Deathmatch. Also, there are many characters that players can choose from. 

Furthermore, you can customize your Splitgate characters to assume the appearance you want. It could be the character skin or weapon skin. Also, the game has a crossplay feature that allows you to connect and play with friends.

5 tips and tricks to play Splitgate

  1. Go for some special weapons

Splitgate has some cool additions to the common Carbine and assault rifles. There are rocket launchers, sniper rifles, and melee weapons that can deal enormous damage to enemies with a single hit. However, these weapons are not common as they spawn in specific locations on different maps. Simply learn these spawn locations and pay attention to the timer.

  1. Use those portals

Portals are the main feature that accounts for the game’s uniqueness. However, many players tend to misuse or ignore portals while playing Splitgate. Provided a surface has blue triangles, you can cast a portal on it. Once you spawn into your game, cast a portal because we consider spawning locations safe. If you get caught in any dangerous combats, use your portal to quickly return to safety.

  1. You can shoot into portals.

To deal with this sneak assault, you’ll need to stay out of the enemy’s sightline. The best location for this should be an elevated location such as high walls or on the ceiling. You can also cast your sneak attack portals near your spawn location. If you learn to use this tip well, you’ll bag some kills without getting to expose your character to unnecessary danger.

  1. Memorize the gaming arena

This is an important tip irrespective of the game you’re playing; you need a good knowledge of the map you’re playing on. This knowledge will help you with good sniper locations; weapon spawns, flanks, etc. We recommend the Races game mode if you’re looking for a quick way to learn Splitgate’s maps. 

In these modes, you’ll be asked to retrieve disco balls around the map in the shortest possible time. As you complete more of these matches, you’ll gradually memorize the map’s layout and the spawn locations of special Splitgate weapons.

  1. Grenades won’t kill anyone.

You’ve probably thrown a grenade at enemies a couple of times in Splitgate, expecting them to drop dead. Well, this is never going to happen because grenades in Splitgate were not made for players. Use grenades to destroy enemy portals. If you’re looking for a quick way to kill enemies in Splitgate, we recommend delivering headshots using sniper rifles.


You couldn’t ask for more if you’re looking to play this portal-filled first-person shooter with ease. Use portals wisely, and always remember to close used portals behind you to avoid ambushes. Grenades in Splitgate won’t deal any damage to enemies; they’re designed for use against portals. If you want to make quick kills, aim for the head always. 

Lastly, one of the best weapons at your disposal is good knowledge of the gaming arena. It will help you use vantage positions and avoid dangerous locations – you don’t want flanks and ambushes from enemies.

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