Stellar Photo Recovery – Give a new life to your old photos

by Jones David

In the modern days, everything we shoot on camera is stored and saved in the digital format. Whether on your smartphone or any other device of your preference, you would want to safeguard your photographic memories forever. These devices are susceptible to accidental deletion and loss of photos and videos.

If you want to safeguard your memorable images, you need to invest in a reliable photo recovery software. Stellar Photo Recovery is an exciting and excellent choice from that perspective.

Stellar Photo Recovery – An Overview

Stellar Photo Recovery is an excellent choice for every one of your needs in recovering the lost photos with ease and simplicity. The software was earlier known as Stellar Phoenix and has been one of the pioneering options for photography professionals and hobbyists alike.

The software is designed for offering you an exciting choice when it comes to retrieving your deleted, corrupted and damaged photos with ease. The Windows-based application can be utilized for a wide range of devices including USB sticks, smartphones, and SD cards. In fact, the software is capable of handling a comprehensive variety of file formats and types that include videos, documents, and images.

How does the software Cost with its features?

Well, it may be worthwhile to review a few salient features of the software to understand its functionality and usability to a better extent.

The Interface

The interface is not visually impressive, but if you look at it from the utility point of view, it offers a really practical functioning. In fact, the simple interface would make it a little easier to use because of the simplicity that it provides you. That way, you have access to a functioning that would not confuse the user in any way.

Once you launch the software, you can just select the specific files you want to recover.

Choose the exact location that you want to recover your files from. You can either choose the drives on your computer or go with any of the connected devices.

You can choose the option for your preferred destination and click on Scan. You can also select the Deep Scan option if you are looking for a thorough search and recovery. Once you click on the scan option, the software will scan the folder or drive you have chosen and present you with the list of files for your needs.

The images recovered or recoverable are shown in the form of a preview. You can choose the exact images you are looking to recover or decide to recover every recoverable image. You can click on each of the file names and check for the preview before recovering it.

The Speed of recovery

The software takes a while to scan through the drive and recover your files. However, this should not be an issue as the application runs in the background while you can continue working on something else. Choosing the Deep Scan option can take a little more time than the standard scan. The Deep Scan or Advanced Scan recovers all possible file types that include TIFF or RAW.

Recovery Capability

The recovery capability is one of the essential aspects of any photo or data recovery software. Stellar Photo recovery comes with really reliable performance. In our experience, it could provide a recovery rate to the tune of 80 to 85 percent. This is in the case of a formatted drive.

If you have not formatted the drive after you have lost the data files on it, you can be assured of a recovery rate of at least 95 percent. Yet another plus point we noticed with Stellar photo recovery is it could recover the photos along with the exact file name and timestamp. This is where it makes it rather easy to simplify the task of identifying your lost images and other files.

Repairing your Corrupted files

Have you come across a situation where you may not be able to open a file? This is not exactly a data loss issue, but something that can be repaired with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery. The software lets you repair your favorite images.

Of course, the software may not be able to assure you of a compelling performance in some cases. There is an Advanced Repair option as well, which should be able to repair most of the corrupted files effectively. You will need to submit a reference image if you really want to recover a corrupted image.

The Pricing and Plans

The free version comes with an option for scanning your files, but recovering your files would be a little difficult task. If you do not want to invest in the tool, and just looking to find if your lost file can be recovered, you can install the free version alone. If the free version detects the file that you are looking for, you can opt for the paid version and recover your lost file.

The software is available in three options. You can go with the Standard, Professional, and Premium.

The features offered by each of those plans should be evident from the image above. The three plans come with features like lifetime license validity and unlimited data recovery.

The Concluding Thoughts

Stellar Photo Recovery is one of the perfect options for your needs, and you will find that it offers you enhanced performance. The simple and straightforward design and ease of functionality would make it an excellent solution for low-end devices as well.

We used the software and found it offers an exceptional service in every respect. You can check the free version find if it meets your needs.

Our rating for the product based on our experience would be somewhat on the following lines –

Installation –5 Stars

Ease of Use – 5 stars

Scanning time – 3.5 stars

Recovery ability – 4.5 stars

Support channels – 5 Stars

Documentation and help files – 5 stars

Pros and Cons

Based on our usage standards and experience gained with the software –


  • Faster installation option
  • Best after-sales support
  • Repairing damaged photos.
  • Highly affordable


  • Scanning speed should have been a little better.

Note -If you are unable to recover data using the stellar photo recovery software or you found that your device is physically damaged then you can approach professional data recovery services by clicking on the lab integration option specified in software.

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