Streaming Services That Are Actually Worth Your Money

by Jones David

The explosion of subscription TV streaming services means that you have more content choices than ever before, but it has also made the prospect of cord-cutting more daunting. Let us consider how you should approach these decisions and which streaming services we think are actually worth your money.

Factors to Consider

The first step should be determining your monthly budget. Knowing how much you want to pay each month upfront will make the tougher decisions easier. The next step is to perform an objective assessment of the viewing habits of your household. Ask your family what they usually like to watch and how many devices you would want your streaming account will be linked and be mindful that choosing a streaming service does not have to be a marriage. Many households are able to get more out of their content budgets by rotating one or more streaming services into their lineup each month.

Streaming Services List

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Netflix is still the king, and while many streaming services are striving to be the next Netflix, none have reached that goal in terms of the expansive library and the sheer amount of original content produced. If you want one service you can rely on to find something new to watch, Netflix is it.


HBO Max is a solid alternative to Netflix. For the average viewer, HBO Max is probably better as a rotation option, but it creates a lot of high-quality original content. It also has one of the biggest movie libraries. In fact, not even Netflix can compete with the scope of its movie collection. You may also check TV streaming services by Planetdish as an alternative to Netflix, as they also offer massive movie content just like Netflix.


Hulu is an excellent option for cord-cutters who miss their network TV. It can get a bit pricey if you subscribe to it as a live TV replacement, but if you are willing to watch your shows a day later and do not mind some commercials, Hulu is rather cheap. It also has an excellent selection of original content.


Disney+ is excellent for any household with kids, but the sheer amount of Marvel and Star Wars content makes it a great choice for many adults too. The reason we really love Disney+, however, is the bundle option that adds Hulu and ESPN+ for a very little additional cost. That makes it a great option for many.

Prime Video

Prime Video is an excellent complement to Netflix, and many people are Prime members and receive this streaming service as a perk. If you would not purchase Prime membership for the free shipping, then Prime Video is probably best as a rotation option when a new original show premieres.

Apple TV+

Apple is investing significantly into original content, and that content has been very high-quality thus far. The library remains rather small, however, and that makes it a tough sell as a regular subscription.


Paramount+ is a no-brainer for Trekkies. It is also a good option for people who love CBS shows and want access to their live local CBS broadcast. For everyone else, this is a rotation option at best.


Peacock is a bit of an odd bird. This is an NBC-centric streaming service that includes Sunday Night Football. But much—not all—of its television content is still available elsewhere.

Criterion Collection

Film buffs will want to check out Criterion, which has more than a thousand flicks along with documentaries about the film. Even if this is not something you would watch on the regular, it is a great option for those months when you really are not sure what to rotate into your lineup.


Discovery+ is an excellent option for people who love documentaries, true crime, home improvement content, cooking shows, travelogues, and so forth. No other service has a library quite like this one, and that makes it a great choice for viewers who want options other than just fiction.

Other Streaming Services

Many of the streaming services we did not mention cater to niche tastes. VRV is an amazing option for anime fans. Britbox provides old and new British TV and films, and documentary fans need to check out Curiosity, which can be had as of this writing for about a buck a month.

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