by Jones David

Introduction to Pneumatics

Physics has made monumental strides in reducing human labor and improving the quality of human life. Pneumatics, a branch of physics and engineering that deals with the mechanical properties of air and other gases are at the forefront of modern innovation and technology. It simply refers to putting air under pressure to create force enough to set a particular object in high-speed motion. Today pneumatics technology is used to power tools, devices, and appliances that are used at home and in industries all over the world. Compressed air motors are used in tools of various sizes, large and handheld. It has applications in several areas of life, work and business and has brought ease, efficiency, and simplicity to the execution of projects.

Uses and Importance of Pneumatic Devices

In the medical field, pneumatics is routinely used in medical devices and appliances because it can easily be incorporated into small, simple handheld tools that are safe to use and the compressed air is clean and purified, all which are major requirements of medical hardware like dental drills, surgical tools, and breathing machines. Industries such as those in building and construction, drilling and mining all harness the power of pneumatics to enable them to do their work with ease. These industries use large devices that require compressed air motors with more strength and capacity to power them. Examples of such tools are rock drills, jackhammers, riveting guns, and sandblasting machines. Machines for transportation and mobility are also powered by pneumatic motors in the way of air brakes on buses, trucks, and trains, to start and stop motion. Scuba divers also wear metal tanks filled with compressed air and regulators to enable them to breathe underwater. Musical instruments like the pipe organ also need compressed air to produce sounds through the pipes. While these examples of use seem to apply to people in specialized fields, there are other areas where the use of pneumatics hits closer to home and are more basic and personal in their application. Household appliances designed for easy and efficient housekeeping like vacuum cleaners, air filters, and purification systems as well as portable hardware tools like wood drills, screws, lawnmowers, and leaf blowers also utilize the power of pneumatic.  In the course of use, a lot of these tools develop a fault due to hardware defects or erosion. This is easily resolved with proper maintenance and regular servicing, but sometimes, a brand new spare part is needed in order to get the machine working effectively again.  

About Spares2you

Pneumatic device spare parts are manufactured by brands that produce or deal with pneumatic-powered devices. Spares2you is one of such spare parts dealers.  Founded in 2001, it is a family run business located in Rustington, West Sussex in the United Kingdom. They stock parts and accessories of different kinds of working tools from several hardware brands. One tool that requires regular maintenance and the occasional change in parts as a result of constant usage is the vacuum cleaner. One brand, in particular, is the Henry Hoover and Family Vacuum Cleaner. Introduced in 1981 by Numatics International, the product with its distinct smiling face, compact shape, and vibrant colors, quickly became a must-have in households in the United Kingdom and across the world. Spares2you stocks Numatic Spares of branded products like this as well as others. From Soft Dusting Brushes to Long Hose End Cuffs, Crevice Tools, Upholstery Nozzles and the Universal Henry Vacuum Hoses, it is really a one-stop destination for spare parts to salvage domestic pneumatic devices and restore them back to optimal condition.


Pneumatic devices make daily and professional life so much easier. While investing in them is a wise choice, even wiser is the knowledge of proper maintenance and a store that provides quality parts when it breaks down.

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