The Needed Items for a First Time PC Gamer

by Jones David

Video gaming is gaining popularity at a much higher rate nowadays. They are fun to play, are a popular pastime, and a stress reliever. In order to enjoy all these benefits, you need the right setup.

The Needed Items for a First Time PC Gamer

For first-time video gamers, it is hard to even point out the different components you will need, leave alone specifications. We got your back. I will discuss the various items, you will need to start a fully operational PC gaming setup. They range from hardware to something, like power.


When it comes to choosing the best overall processor for gaming, go for a powerful one that can support your games like Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7.  They have great speeds, handle multi-threaded workloads, and will play intensive games.

Also, check what fellow gamers are recommending on gaming platforms. This will help you to choose the best for your games.

Alongside this, you will need a good Graphics Processing Unit, the GPU; it is also called a video card or graphics card. It will make your game look realistic.


When it comes to a gaming monitor, there are numerous things to consider such as refresh rate, response time, and resolution.  All these work together to create a balanced gaming system. For playing smoothly, choose a monitor with a high refresh rate, such as 144 HZ.

Consider a low response time for your monitor as it reduces the ghosting of the images. In order to enjoy your gameplay, choose a monitor with a high resolution. It produces life-like images.

Other things to consider include size, type, aspect ratio, and so on. For a gamer, I’d recommend you take a curved monitor. Unlike flat monitors, a curved one has an aspect ratio of 21:9.

This will give you not only a wider space for gaming but also a surrounding effect that will keep you out of distractions. In addition to this, the curved monitor provides the gamer with the first-shooter view and an immersive sensation. Being wide, a curved monitor will eradicate the need for several screens.


A gamer should not go below 4GB RAM. However, many pro gamers say that having 16GB RAM is just more than enough.

The size of RAM will highly affect the speed of gaming. If, for any reason, you need to upgrade, always check that your motherboard can take more and all the specifications to buy a compatible one.


There are two types of Storage components widely used; HDD and SSD. A 1TB HDD may cost slightly lower or the same as a 256GB SSD, but which is better? This is one thing that we can debate for a long time, and the best thing when buying one is to follow your heart. As many may say, “bigger is better,” let us do a quick check.

You have a 1TB HDD in your PC, but you’ve filled it up to 60GB. Do you need all this space? Definitely no. SSD is much more powerful than an HDD, and that’s why I recommend you invest in SSD. You may want to have them both on one PC, which will be a plus as they can reduce the loading time by half.


It is impossible to do PC gaming without a power supply. For this, You will need to invest in a good Power Supply Unit, PSU. Do not fall into buying cheap PSU as this may endanger the life of the entire system.

Also, you may consider having a good power bank that will provide stable power in times of need.


Many games are played live. In that case, you need a good internet connection with good speeds. If you’re in urban areas or where fiber optics pass-by, that’s the best option.

This is because fiber optics use glass or special plastic for data transfer which has a high conducting power as opposed to copper wires. A broad bandwidth gives great gameplay. Do not forget to choose the internet with the lowest ping possible so you can enjoy your games.

For online gaming you’ll want to have the fastest possible broadband connection. Fibre optic is one of the most common options for gamers as it offers some of the lowest ping and fastest download speeds. You can upgrade your internet connection by comparing Broadband Genie’s fibre optic deals.


You are going to need the best gaming headsets when playing. A good one will enable you to hear sound cues such as gunfire and footsteps. You will need it also to communicate with your fellow teammates.

Buying a comfortable and well-fitting headset is crucial. Also, you may consider getting a professional webcam and mic.


There are wired and wireless controls. While many will go for the wireless as they look fancy and advanced, wired controls will always be the best choice. Although, some games will specify either when in doubt, use wired.

Wrapping up

Now that you know what to buy to kick off your gaming, you may need to check several stores to compare prices. Even though I mentioned that you shouldn’t buy cheap things, you may find a great disparity between sellers.

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