The TV For Outstanding Picture Quality with Voice Control

by Jones David

When voice recognition technology was first introduced almost 70 years ago, machines could only interpret numbers. Today, seamless, conversational voice control has become an integral part of any “smart” technology experience, and the same is true for TVs.

However, given that smart TV prices in Bangladesh tend to be relatively high, you might feel limited in your options. Furthermore, many available TV models are not up to date with the latest technologies.

But thanks to Butterfly Group BD, that is no longer an issue. At, you will come across a wide range of the best smart televisions. Of those, the LG Smart AI ThinQ TV truly stands out thanks to its high-tech AI features and crystal-clear picture quality.


Are you ready for one of the most rewarding and immersive video experiences in your life? Then this ThingQ TV is perfect for you, with its dynamic quad-core processor that enhances the vividity of every scene on the screen.

With theater-quality sound from Dolby Audio, this TV will change the way you think of entertainment technology.

Chock-full with highly advanced AI functionality features, the LG AI ThinQ 32-inch TV will integrate seamlessly into your life. Using the highly efficient Home Dashboard, you can easily connect to other smart devices in your home, enjoying all your tech in one place.

But more importantly, this is a TV that gets to know you, your tastes, and watching habits. With every show or movie you watch, your personalized recommendations keep getting better.

When you can’t decide what to watch or listen to, ThinQ will present you with myriad options. Plus, with the integration of Alexa and Google Assistant, your life gets even easier.

All of this comes to you on a generously furnished 32-inch screen, offset by thin bevels so as not to take the attention away from the main event. And of course, its stately yet modern aestheticism will fit right into the aesthetics of your home. Movie nights are about to change forever!

Key Features

  • Make It Your Own with AI Assistance

It has been only three years since LG introduced its range of AI-equipped televisions. Yet, they have taken the world of smart tech by storm with their ThingQ TVs.

But what does it mean for a TV to be artificially intelligent? Anything you want it to be.

Not only does this TV seamlessly respond to voice commands for essential functions (such as changing the channel or switching picture modes), but it learns your tastes and preferences to make your TV experience that much richer.

Not sure what you’re in the mood to watch? You can ask ThinQ to recommend something. Curious who directed the film of the movie you’re watching? Ask ThinQ. Wondering what the best banana bread recipe is? Ask ThinQ, and you will receive it.

Beyond enjoying personalized recommendations, you can also use your LG AI ThinQ TV with Alexa or Google Assistant to create reminders, check the weather, or regulate the other smart tech in your home—all with just your voice.

And you can do it standing anywhere, thanks to the included Bluetooth Magic Remote that works from all directions!

  • Enjoy Crystal-Clear Dynamic Picture Quality

If you’re searching for the best television in Bangladesh, naturally, one of the first things you will be curious about is the picture quality you can expect. Well, it’s safe to say that with this TV, you will be leaving your current expectations for high picture quality at the door.

The generous 32-inch screen that boasts a 1366×768 resolution truly shines thanks to a thin bevel. But it’s not just the dimensions and resolution that make a TV great.

In the case of this ThinQ TV, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a highly advanced image processor. Watch colors come to life as you are pulled into a truly immersive viewing experience.

Documentaries, movies, music videos, workout routines… whatever’s playing on the TV, your expectations of TV picture quality will be changed entirely. Yes, we’re, of course, talking about LG’s quad-core processor—more on that below.

  • Reap the Benefits of an Advanced Processor

What does it mean for an image to be presented in dynamic contrast and color? Just ask the quad-core processor that this ThinQ TV is equipped with. Even when presented with a low-res image, the processor can enhance it, presenting you with a nearly unbelievably vivid and sharp picture.

To add to that is the TV’s integration of Active HDR. No matter what’s playing on the TV, it will be optimized for the ultimate viewing pleasure by the multi-HDR format. And this happens seamlessly, with each scene being processed as it happens.

  • Treat Your Ears with Dimensional Sound

In the olden days, one would almost always have to hook up their LED TV with a high-performing pair of speakers if they wanted to enjoy the genuinely excellent sound quality. With the LG AI ThinQ TV, though, you’ll barely even remember your external speakers.

For that, you’ll have the DTS Virtual:X sound technology to thank, which enhances audio and produces a multi-dimensional listening experience. As a result, the TV can make sound from all angles, further deepening your immersive viewing experience.

But it doesn’t stop there! This TV is further equipped with Dolby Audio, meaning a theater-quality sound will be a given no matter what you watch. Movie nights are about to get a lot better and you won’t want to stop watching!


  • Equipped with a highly advanced quad-core processor that enhances picture quality in real-time
  • AI technology offers you customized recommendations and works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 32-inch screen with a thin bevel for the ultimate viewing experience
  • Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X technology combine to produce multi-dimensional theater-quality audio
  • Bluetooth-operated Magic Remote can be used from anywhere for voice control commands


  • The TV itself does not have any Bluetooth capabilities
  • Not suitable for those who prefer touch controls

Final Words

With high-tech AI features that match your life, a startlingly vivid picture quality, multi-dimensional sound, and beautiful sleek design, this is a TV that eliminates all notions of smart TVs being unaffordable.

Not sure if this is the right one for you? is the ultimate destination for finding the best smart television; you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Good luck, and happy viewing!

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