Top Headphones Deals on Black Friday 2021: SuperEQ S1, SuperEQ S2, and SuperEQ Q2 Pro

by Jones David


SuperEQ S1

No matter how keen you are on music, a pair of Bluetooth headphones will give you the wireless freedom we all seek. Without the tangle of a wire, they allow you to enjoy music wirelessly no matter where you are or what you’re trying to do. Whether earbuds or full headphones, most of us certainly prefer them over a regular wired option.

The SuperEQ S1 comes in a brilliant-looking box. Compared to its colorful packaging, the inside is pretty plain and clean. In addition to the headphones and user manual, it contains a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB charging cable, an airplane adapter, and a high-quality carrying case. The sound quality is excellent, except that the maximum volume is not as high as I would like. I found myself pressing the volume button on train rides to hear the full volume, although this was only in environments where outside noise was a factor.

Active noise cancellation is good as it works pretty well, taking out many frequencies but not entirely blocking out external noise. It does improve concentration on the music being played, but instead of silence from external noise, you only get a noise reduction, not a cancellation. A unique feature of the SuperEQ S1 headphones is the multipoint connection, which allows you to connect two devices (music sources) simultaneously.

At a volume setting of 60%, it can play music consistently for 45 hours. This means that even if you listen to music for five hours a day, it will still last for a few days without you having to charge it frequently. ANC headphones can’t compete with such battery life. If you’re more concerned regarding battery life, the SuperEQ S1 could be a perfect option.

The deal on SuperEQ S1 will begin on November 26, 2021. The original price for the SuperEQ S1 headphone is $62.99. But on this Black Friday deal, you can grab the headphone for just $47.99 (Black) and $46.74 (White) respectively.

SuperEQ S2

If you’re searching for a new pair of headphones, it’s hard to say what’s right for you. Sure, you have your familiar brands like Bose and Sony. But rent is due, and you’d rather not spend a small fortune on a new pair of headphones. There’s got to be something worth wearing that won’t break the bank.

SuperEQ wants you to listen again and again, and the long battery life speaks to that statement. For this price, it’s tough to find something that lasts this long, especially with the features it offers. Not only is the S2 Bluetooth-enabled and able to connect to multiple devices at once, but it also has active noise cancellation – and that’s a real bargain, folks. But enough of the little gimmicks, let’s get to the sound!

In terms of audio performance, the SuperEQ S2s are equipped with high-sensitivity 40mm drivers and a good amplifier that doesn’t require a lot of power; therefore, you can turn up the volume quite a bit whether you’re connected wired or via Bluetooth. Bass’s response is excellent and gets even more profound when ANC is turned on. The SuperEQ S2 drivers deliver clean highs and clear mids, so you get good instrument separation.

The physical design was more of a mixed bag. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable, yes. But it’s also a bit small for most ears. If you prefer ear cups that sit above rather than on top of your ears, you’ll be disappointed. Also, the ear cups are nice and soft, keeping pressure points to a minimum. The batteries last a very long time, so powering them isn’t much of a problem.

Similarly, the deal on SuperEQ S2 will begin on November 26, 2021. The original price for the SuperEQ S2 headphone is $45.99 (Black) and $49.99 (Green) respectively. But on this Black Friday deal, you can grab the headphone for just $33.99 (Black) and $39.08 (Green) respectively.

SuperEQ Q2 Pro

The Q2 Pro can be just that, and SuperEQ is preparing to launch the TWS headphones this month. You can already purchase them at a pre-sale price on the official website. The wireless earphones are an excellent example of the latest technology, and it features Bluetooth 5.2 for more strong connections even at longer distances. The size of the earbuds is just okay, and you get a comfortable and snug fit every time. If you’re used to SuperEQ headphones and wireless earbuds, you’ll feel right at home with the Q2 Pro.

The SuperEQ wireless headphones feature professional active noise cancellation with feedback that reduces ambient noise by up to 33 dB and filters noise by 90%. It’s never been easier to fully immerse yourself in sound and tune out the hustle and bustle of travel and commuting. If you’re using truly wireless headphones on a plane, subway, bus, or office, you may still need to pay attention to outside noise. Just switch to “transparency mode.” It lets outside noise through and allows you to talk to people nearby without removing the headphones.

The Q2 Pro wireless headphones last more than 8 hours of playtime on a single charge and another 28 hours in the compact charging case. It can be taken anywhere and keeps the music going all day long. Thanks to CVC 8.0 technology, short for “Clear Voice Capture,” the wireless headphones pick up your voice with incredible precision. Calls sound clear and crisp and are free of unwanted background noise.

Finally, the deal on SuperEQ Q2 Pro will begin on November 26, 2021. The original price for the SuperEQ Q2 Pro earbuds is $65.99. But on this Black Friday deal, you can grab the earbuds for just $46.19 only.

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