Torghast: How to Get There, What to Do and What to Get in the Place That is Constantly Changing

by Jones David

One of the most significant places that appeared in the game is Torghast. Users who have the goal of leveling their heroes up will constantly come here. There are no players who would not like to do this, and that is why every player will spend a lot of playing time here. Moreover, only here you can collect the currency, which is a must-have to craft the highest level equipment.

This tower is also the place of imprisonment of one of the mysterious creatures, which was able to make some types of effective weapons. You have to confront him to be able to craft a unique weapon pattern and wear it.

In this article, we will talk about the Tower of the Damned, as well as what to do once you get here.

Feature of the place

One of the exceptional features of the tower is the fact that it is located in a place where a huge number of souls are imprisoned. Here, the main villain has arranged a repository for his main achievements, which he will need to implement some crazy ideas.

In the new update, this place will also have a special meaning. Many will see one of the new Torghast-related activities become available, so every player should purchase the Torghast Jailer’s Gauntlet Carry now to get a ton of new stuff like a pet, new items, and more.

This place is unique in that when you return here, you will not see the same place as when you left. With each new visit, you will see this tower in a completely different way. Here you will find a change of scenery, the appearance of new monsters, as well as the appearance of new tasks. Each time you will be able to experience new sensations and engage in a variety of quests.

Here you can be both alone and with your team, depending on how you feel comfortable playing. The tower will change and adapt to the selected number of players. As the number of team members increases, you will see that the health level of your opponents will also increase. Making your way through the various levels, you will be able to replenish your stocks of currency, which is used only in this place. Moreover, you will be able to receive some temporary abilities that will increase your stamina and also reduce the difficulty of playing the game.

Way to get new items

For those who are on the hunt to craft or find top-tier gear, this is the only place where you can find the currency you need to craft and improve the stats of your gear. However, the possibilities for creating weapons do not end there. You will be able to deal with the creature, defeating which you will also get access to the creation of cool weapons.

Finding the place

At level 60, you will be asked to complete several interconnected tasks, the ultimate goal of which will be to visit the vault of the innocent souls of Zovaal. Here you can find out all the necessary information about the history, as well as get to know the area where you will later see the tower. Only after completing all the tasks in order, you will have access. You can come here alone or with a group of other players.

Entrance to the Tower

Once you get inside, you can see the following components become available:

  • You will see in front of you a list of all the goals that you need to achieve. Thus, you will be able to view all the information about your current visit to the Tower.
  • You will see an indication of how many times you have the opportunity to die while in this place. You will also see how many times you can die if you are in a group.
  • The number of temporary abilities collected, as well as the amount of currency, collected to create weapons. You will be able to see how much you have collected resources for this trip, as well as for all previous trips.
  • You will be able to read a short description of each level and see which floor you are on.

To complete the tasks, you cannot do without additional strengths and abilities. They will be located in different parts of the tower and you will need to collect them. Their main locations are:

  • They can be just on the floor, but in this case, they will be protected by evil monsters.
  • In recreation areas. In such places, you will not find much resistance.
  • After dealing with especially evil monsters, as well as rare monsters that live here, you will see the appearance of Anima Orbs.
  • You can try your luck by killing ordinary monsters, but the probability of finding special powers is low.

It is worth being careful, because while searching for powers and abilities, you may come across a particular monster that takes the form of a regular Anima Orb. However, if you touch it, it will turn into a terrifying monster. Do not rush to run away, because you can easily deal with it and get what you are looking for.

Just as the items are either ordinary or especially effective, the forces you have collected also differ. If you are lucky, you will be able to collect the most powerful forces that will help you pass this Tower to the end without much difficulty.


This Tower is both a difficult place and a place where you can find a lot of useful things. If you know where the sources of power are, then you can easily pass even the most difficult levels.

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