Typical Examples of How a Student Can Break His Gadgets

by Jones David

There is no doubt that students are fond of gadgets. You will find them enjoying a session out of class, but the common item in their hands is a gadget, whether a phone, tablet or laptop. They love taking photos. In class, students must have them to write notes or do some research about a tag of interest. In fact, you can never find any student at any time without one of those gadgets, maybe, when they are in the shower. Surprisingly, many of them have resorted to listening to music as they enjoy their time bathing. The love for gadgets among students is unmatched. Probably, this is their most active stage of life, and they are curious to unravel what life has to give. Well, their instructors understand this fact and have allowed them to hang around with the devices. However, there is the risk of breaking them while in use.

Education has been simplified through the use of gadgets because college learners can use them to access free online papers for research. If you enroll to pursue any course, your instructor will require that you submit at least an essay within a particular period. Make good use of your gadget to access free essay examples that are found on the Internet. There are various experts who write example papers and post them on websites to attract interested learners. Ensure that you visit credible sites where you can find an appropriate sample that will guarantee you success in your exams.

The following discussion will inform you about how to break your phone and other devices, and how you can avoid getting into such trouble:

Taking Photographs

You will agree that most devices are very slippery. While taking photos, you definitely have to twist your phone and adjust the angle to get The Best shot. This is very dangerous, especially when your gadget is a little heavy. Students lose their minds as they marvel at the beauty of the photos. At this point, you can drop it.

For you to have your device intact even after a fall, buy a protective case. We have several companies offering solid protectors for all devices irrespective of size. You will also find decorative cases that not only prevent your phone from shock, but they give it an attractive look. Another advantage is that your gadgets will stay new. If you ever wish to trade them off with a new model, you will not have so much trouble.

Deeping them in Water

It is inevitable that while you go about your business in school, time will come for you to use water in your daily endeavors. First, you need to wash your clothing and clean the house. Most likely, you will have a device stuck in these items accidentally. In this case, they will absorb water and eventually break. For laptops, the biggest risk is dust, which can also cause damage if it accumulates for longer periods. 

If you cannot afford a waterproof gadget, get yourself a screen protector. It will save you the cost of buying a new device. In case the phone drops in the toilet, you can retrieve it and clean the debris with water and still use it. For cameras, you need to purchase a polarizing filter that will protect your gadget against scratches. Remember that the quality of your photos will be affected even with the slightest scratch. Luckily, the filters are affordable, and you can permanently attach them to the lens. Take note that the price of placing filters is far less than procuring a new lens.

Careless Travelling

It is common for students to carry a lot of stuff when they are traveling back home or while they are on a school trip. There is the temptation to carry little bags, which are somewhat classy. This is a sure way of breaking your gadgets. Learners will chuck their cameras, tablets, laptops, charging cables, stationery, and even cosmetics together in a little bag. It is even worse if you are traveling very far away because the pressure will be sustained for long. Those sharp plugs will scratch your screens and even get away with paint on your devices.

For you to prevent this case, make sure you have a large bag that has been partitioned so that you keep every item in a separate porch. You can find laptop bags that have ample space for your gadget, with other spaces to carry cables. It is advisable that you carry two bags, especially if you are picking a flight. Keep the tech items with you so that they don’t get mixed up with other luggage in the goods section.


It is a common habit for students to place their devices in their back pockets. Side pockets could be filled with other items like wallets, or sometimes the learners simply forget to place the devices in the safe pockets. While the gadgets can easily fit in the back pockets, the likelihood of falling is very high. You can drop it in the toilet or sit on it while attending class. Unfortunately, the back pockets are placed where you can exert the highest pressure when you sit.

If you want to get over this habit, buy a small bag where you can carry the devices with ease. You will safely eject them in case you need to use any of them and also return them safely. Alternatively, make sure you do not wear clothes that have back pockets. For some time, you will get used to carrying the gadgets in the right way and save yourself the agony of spending too much on buying new items.


Electronic gadgets are important items for students who use them for research as well as recreation. However, there is a high risk of crushing the devices if there is minimum care accorded to them. Learners are advised to implement safety measures to safeguard the gadgets so that they last long. It is a cost-effective measure to ensure that their resources are well managed.

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