Waterdrop G3 Review: Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

by Jones David

The Waterdrop G3 is a tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system that produces a standard glass of drinking water in about 12 seconds. With a filtered water/wastewater ratio of 1:1, the system works more efficiently than other RO systems, which generally work with a ratio of approximately 1:3 to 1:4. The compact and sleek design of the Waterdrop RO can be more easily mounted in a cabinet under the sink, and the built-in smart leak protection cuts off the water supply and power supply in case a leak is detected.

The system’s filters provide seven water purification stages, removing 99% of harmful substances from the water and improving taste and odor. Because of its sleek design, which is also very easy to use, you can use this system and enjoy watching it. It fits directly under your sink for easy access and cleaning when needed. If you are someone who wants the purest water from your faucet, then the Waterdrop G3 is just what you are looking for.

Tankless Design

The remarkable thing about this water filtration system is the tankless design. This makes the device unique compared to the competition in many ways that are advantageous for the user. Starting with the total footprint of the unit, without the need for a tank, this means that less space is taken up under your sink, so you can still use that space for storage and have easy access for maintenance.

The tankless design of the G3 has been proven to reduce bacterial and unwanted particles that can accumulate in the storage area. By eliminating the need for a tank, Waterdrop can ensure that you don’t drink water that has been sitting and is potentially exposed to harmful chemicals because it is rudderless. The tankless design also goes a long way to ensure that your water is always fresh and crystal clear.

An additional advantage of a tankless design is that you are not limited by power because you can drink as much water as you want in one go. With a tank filter, you are limited to drink as much water as the tank can contain and filtered. With the tankless G3, you can drink all day and enjoy clean water.

7-Stage Filtration

A multi-phase filtration system is essential to ensure that every last particle is removed from your water so that you can enjoy it in peace. The first filters use their specially designed membranes to filter out larger compounds because the last few filters work together to ensure that even the smallest particles are kept out of your water.

From dance to small chlorine particles, this filtration system ensures that none of this reaches your drink. The hybrid filter system even can keep out bacteria and viruses that often occur in regular tap water. You can also get an extra taste in the water because the naturally derived filter uses coconut husks to make the water taste as natural as possible.

Another advantage of the composite filters is that they are much more compact than traditional models, as can be seen from the Waterdrop units’ size, and replacing a filter is also a speedy process. Waterdrop tells us that the G3 uses a DOW reverse osmosis membrane, which is top of the range, and explains why it has a premium price tag – one I would be quite happy to pay for a water filter of this quality.

The only way to get this clean and healthy water anywhere else is with advanced chemistry and a lot of patience.

400GPD Fast Water Flow

Getting clean drinking water is one thing, but getting your clean water fast is a whole different ball game. Traditional tank water filtration systems are very slow to pour and make you wait up to a minute to get a glass of water. With the rate of 400 GPD (gallons per day) flow rate of this device, you can enjoy a refreshing and healthy glass of water in seconds. Because of the water’s instant filtration, the water is only ready when you need it and comes through the filters in your cup in record time. The competition doesn’t even stand a chance for fine-tuning the rough speed of the water flow that the G3 offers.

Smart Faucet

Knowing when to replace a filter like this used to be something you have to watch every glass and every drop poured out of the sink. With the smart tap of the G3, you get an obvious indication when you should start replacing filters. You can know when your water filtration is right with the three colors, when it needs to be replaced and when it almost needs to be replaced.


The Waterdrop WD-G3-W does not have a water storage tank, so water must be produced and sent directly to the tap when it is turned on. The system has a built-in booster pump that provides the optimum pressure to speed up the RO process, filling a standard glass with clean drinking water in an estimated 12 seconds. The Waterdrop RO works with a pure water/wastewater ratio of 1:1 and is therefore much more efficient than a basic RO system without a booster pump.

While most RO systems produce water at a ratio of 1:4, where 4 liters of water is wasted for each 1 gallon produced, the Waterdrop WD-G3-W only loses 1 gallon for every gallon made. It’s worth knowing that while the system is generally more efficient and environmentally friendly when it comes to water production, the user must flush the system with water for 30 minutes after initial installation. This water is not suitable for drinking, and the manufacturer recommends using it for another purpose, such as watering flowers.

Installation and maintenance

The Waterdrop WD-G3-W RO arrives partially assembled and is designed for do-it-yourself installation in less than 45 minutes. According to the user manual instructions, a user will need to connect the unit to the faucet and power supply to work. The system can also be connected to refrigerators and ice makers, but this requires additional hoses to connect the unit.

The filters must be replaced every six months for two years and are easy to purchase and replace. The system contains no secondary contamination because it does not have a storage tank, so additional cleaning and sanitation and replacing the filters according to the instructions are unnecessary.

About filters

The filters are automatically flushed for 20 seconds after every 2 hours of filtering. This prevents the build-up of contaminants and extends the life span. The system’s filters are included in the package but have to be replaced depending on the use and water type. The filters of the first phase will need to be replaced approximately every six months. The RO element can usually last up to 2 years, and the carbon filter should last about 12 months. The more often the system is used, the faster the filters will lose their efficiency.


When you need clean water, the Waterdrop G3 is there to show that you can get it with ease. From the tankless design to the smart features that make it incredibly easy to use, the G3 makes getting clean water as easy as possible. This filter combines advanced filtration methods, and modern technology makes it a great addition to any modern home. If you can justify the somewhat expensive costs in advance, this filter ensures that you get the cleanest possible water when you turn on the tap.

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