What are IT solutions, and why are they so important for the digital transformation of your company?

by Jones David

Surely, in our work, we have spoken many times about IT services, although we do not always know well what these services are and what they help us in the day-to-day business of the company, both to customers and to the workers themselves.

However, the implementation of IT solutions in a company is the basis of any digital transformation.

In fact, when we talk about these IT services that help to improve quality at a global level in the company, what we refer to is the use of all the potential offered by new technologies to improve production processes, efficiency, and use of our time.

The advantages of a better IT service in your company

As you can imagine, there are many advantages of having a good IT service in an increasingly globalized world, in which the workplace matters less and less and where the Internet allows us to have work teams that share projects in different parts of the world with different points of view.

Betting on a good IT service will allow us to improve our activities and the productivity of a team that will be able to work from anywhere without interaction and communication is a problem, also representing an economic saving for the company in software licenses and even in the rental of spaces.

The tools that make up all these IT services go much further than you might think since they not only include email, Internet browsers, office suites that allow collaborative online work or meeting applications, but also information storage, network file management, or remote connection and work capabilities.

In this sense, IT solutions like Tenecom IT Solutions will make it possible for your employees to work from different places as if they were in the same office, improving processes and productivity with the consequent savings for the company, sharing documentation, allowing meetings with video and voice in real time, the use of shared files, etc.

The key is speed and immediate response, advising the employee, even being able to connect to control the PC remotely and resolve issues without delay to avoid loss of time and efficiency. Not surprisingly, resolving issues and incidents in the shortest time has become essential when offering customer services. 

Although efficiency is the main issue when we talk about productivity, we must bear in mind that the effectiveness of a process must also be identified. A process can be extremely efficient and, at the same time, it can be completely ineffective. When we talk about efficiency, we must ask ourselves: why does this process exist? What is the added value it generates? A more extensive view that allows us to clearly observe the entire production chain, the inputs and outputs of each process, and how they affect the previous or subsequent process, together with a search for continuous improvement, is what allows us to say if a company is efficient and operates well.

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