What Can I Expect Selling Samsung S8 in 2020

by Jones David

Selling an old mobile phone can help unlock some cash for doing other things. Money realized from sales of old mobile phones can be a great buffer towards buying that new phone which you desire. On a daily basis, used mobile phones and cash change hands and both parties leave off happily. The time has passed when cash will be a limitation to buying that phone which you desire; you can simply sell or swap the phone you are currently using. With little or no added fund, you can get the new phone that you want.

If you are tempted by the Samsung Galaxy S20 or another new smartphone, then you may consider selling your Samsung S8. Many used Samsung Galaxy smartphones change hands daily but to secure the best price, you have to put many things into consideration. Whatever model of old mobile phone you want to sell, the earlier you sell it, the better for you. There are many options available to you when you sell your Samsung S8 mobile phones.

Selling to a Company

There are lots of companies dedicated to buying old electronics that will happily snap up your old Samsung S8. You can enter details into an online form and get a quote in seconds. They often provide free post and packaging and you get a payment by cheque or PayPal within a few days of sending your phone. Be honest about the condition of your phone when you apply for a quote because they only pay out after a satisfactory inspection.

Trade Your Phone in for Credit

If you don’t mind accepting gift certificates or credit, then you can trade in your phone online or in the store at a variety of places. Enter a few simple details into an online form or take it to a store and get a quick appraisal. If you are happy with what is offered, then you can mail your phone off or hand it over. There are lots of options available for this but Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Verizon and Best Buy are among the biggest.

Samsung also usually offers some type of trade in deals for used devices. Gazelle is also a big player in this category and it has a related service called ecoATM, which is an automated kiosk where you can put your Samsung S8 into to get cash on the spot. You will find the kiosks in malls around the country. Other services worth checking out include Glyde, uSell, Decluttr and Blazing Electronics.

Sell it to Others on Craigslist or eBay

There is a roaring trade in used Samsung S8 on Craigslist, eBay and other sites where you can sell old mobile phones directly to private buyers. Prices are variable and it’s not as straightforward as some of the other options mentioned above but this is potentially the most lucrative way to dispose off of your used Samsung S8. You can set your own asking price and potentially get a quick sale but you must be ready to deal with time wasters, spam and a bit of hassle sending the phone or meeting up with somebody to exchange it for cash.

Swappa offers good protection for buyers and sellers and listing on this website is completely free with a sale fee added to the price for potential buyers. Verification photos are reviewed by staff and IMEI check is done to ensure that the phone is not stolen or blacklisted. You should include shipping costs in the price and be ready to ship within two days of receiving payment.

Depending on the condition and cleanness of your phone, Samsung S8 is worth between $45 and $240. Whatever you choose to do, never forget the following:

Sell Your Phone on Time

The sooner you sell, the more money you get. When a new Samsung model is announced, lots of people rush to sell their old phones and raise cash to upgrade to the latest version so prices can plummet sharply. It is worth noting that some websites can lock in your price but still give you 30 days to send the phone in.

Do Your Homework

Shop around all the options for the best offer available. Sometimes, a trade in with your carrier can be worthwhile, or maybe you are willing to take less cash for the convenience of being able to get it immediately, but if you don’t do your research, then you won’t know what a fair price is.

Last Words

Wipe your phone before you sell it. You don’t want your personal pictures and other data to fall into the wrong hands. So, make sure you wipe your phone memory and return it to factory setting before you hand it over to its potential new owner. As you may already know, you can expect a lower price for your phone if you’ve used it for a substantially long period of time and a higher price if it’s relatively new. Also, phones with little to no dents on them will bring in money when you sell them. Lastly, for many reasons, people prefer new phones to used phones. So keep your expectations in check. You may not sell your phone for that amount that you have in mind. However, with the right hacks, you’d still make good money selling your Samsung S8. 

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