What’s the Average App Development Cost in 2021?

by Jones David

These days, there’s one question that gets asked a lot: “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?”. Obviously, the current situation of the pandemic forced a lot of businesses to move online, which increased the demand for an app, and therefore made the question more of a trend. 

The App Store and Google Play Store have already celebrated their 10th birthdays, and the number of apps on both of them shows no sign of slowing down, each growing by 300 apps a day. From playing games, arranging business deals, to staying in touch with friends and family, these apps play an increasingly significant role in our daily lives.

It’s no wonder that people are turning to apps, and wondering how much does it cost to create a mobile app, even though there are over 7 million apps in app stores. In the following article, we will take a closer look at the average exemplarymarketing mobile app development cost: 

Mobile App Development Cost

Most of the time, when customers are looking for a consultation they have no clue what the process will be like or how much it will cost. Exemplary Marketing can help you to figure out a full cost breakdown and get you a finished product you are happy with. 

Most likely, they will have a rough idea of the app’s functionality and ask for a price. Okay, then? It’s pretty difficult to tell how much it costs to develop an app without an in-depth understanding of its specific functionality and in-depth research, to be honest, and just a broad outline of functionality isn’t enough to give a fair estimate. 

App Development Cost Breakdown Comes Down To: 

  • Functions of mobile apps – what do you want them to do
  • Supported platforms and devices – the application will be developed cross-platform for Android and iOS, or only for one of the platforms. It is designed for specific devices, like iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • The app will be integrated with third-party apps
  • Visual elements complexity – how many visual elements will the app contain and how complex they will be
  • The complexity of features will determine how complex the app is
  • Maintenance plan – once a mobile application project is complete, it will certainly need technical support from its developer
  • One simple answer could be to give a fixed rate – a fixed payment for the service 

The cost of a manufacturing operation varies from $10,000 to $500,000, and yes, it is difficult to predict the cost at the beginning. Depending on what you want your app to do and the changes needed throughout your maintenance, the cost can vary significantly so it’s always best to make sure you have some money left in the budget for this.  

Research shows that the development timeline can range from one month to nine months (for ongoing projects). Though the first phase of the process is expensive, the discovery and strategy phase plays a crucial role in whether the project is successful or not. These are important to consider when looking at the cost of an app development project. 

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