Which Portable DVD Player has the Longest Battery Life?

by Jones David

Nowadays DVD players have been upgraded as per the latest technology features. Initial years when DVD players had come into the market, there were several limitations about them. Many users faced problems such as sensitive players that could not read certain discs such as rewritten discs. In other cases, such players had to be kept stationary and played to avoid disturbing the tracks or getting malfunctions in the DVD reading functions.

Today DVD players are one of the many options available for watching audiovisual files such as movies, shows, and others on a screen. With online streaming being the main choice, many DVD players often gather dust in most homes. However, when one is on the move and internet connection is not present, they can make use of these devices again.

Advantages of Portable DVD Players

There are several advantages that such players can provide such as:

  • Play Old DVD Movies

If you have saved old DVDs and they are in perfect condition, a portable DVD player can help you enjoy these movies on the go, whether you are traveling on the road or have a long flight to take.

  • Portability

This is the main advantage of the new DVD models. While yesteryear models have been bulky, delicate machines that needed to be kept stationary and used with care, nowadays DVD players are compact, lightweight and sturdy models that can be carried anywhere. Portability also means that you can get models that have long battery lives and can run without an AC power connection.

  • Multiple Functions

Nowadays DVD players are not only compact models but they have several features as well. Many would enable you to simply plug in USBs and run your favorite movies on the screen of the player. Hence, these players can play multiple file formats, allowing you to enjoy movies and your favorite music on the go.

Portability and Battery Life

When you wish to get your hands on a portable DVD player, you need to ensure that the battery life is good. Usually, players that run audiovisual content would run up battery life quickly. Most models do come with power cord connections as well. However, when you wish to own a portable DVD player, it is probably because you want to see movies or view shows music videos or simply listen to music files at the comfort of lying down on the bed or while you are traveling.

For such reasons, checking the battery life of your device is important. The details are usually mentioned on the product details, either on the site from where you buy the product or on the product box and manual. An ideal portable DVD player should be able to provide 8 to 10 hours of playing time. That should be adequate for anyone who wishes to see movies while on a long flight or run the player intermittently without having to charge it after every few hours.

You can also read up product reviews in this category which emphasize on the battery life. As a thumb rule, the promise that manufacturers make about battery power usually is higher than the actual stated hours. Usually, the maximum battery life that is indicated about a product would include running it at maximum brightness levels, at full charge, and with audio levels turned up high.

Popular DVD Models with Good Battery Life

Those who are looking to purchase DVD players can look at the models mentioned below with good battery life:

  • Phillips PD 9000/37

This is a model that is a compact design with modern features. One of the highlights of this product is the battery life. It is stated to last for five hours that is considered a good standard in the industry. There are additional features such as anti skipping and car mounting aspects that make this product ideal for road trips. The viewing angle at 45 degrees makes it satisfactory for viewing at ease.

  • Panasonic LX87

This is another model, indeed The Best yet in the market when it comes to battery life standards. It flaunts a battery life of 12 hours. There are two model versions, LX87-S and LS80-K which is of 8.5-inch screens can support 12 hours of viewing.

Portable Models for Kids

Nowadays portable DVD players are liked by parents as entertainment for their children. With portable but wider screens than tablets or smartphones, these are ideal for running movies on the go. If you are looking to buy one among the best portable DVD player for kids, here are some models to consider.

  • Insignia 10 Inch DVD Player with Swivel Screen

This particular model has all the features that parents would want in a device for their children. It is rated well by most customers on qualities like being easy to use. The screen size is perfect for running movies for kids. However, the battery life is limited and it would probably be enough to run a movie in the car or on a flight.

  • Sylvania 13.3 Inches Portable DVD Player

It is known that smaller screens strain the eyes longer and that is a reason that parents would be happy with this device. It flaunts a larger screen than most portable DVD players but it is lightweight. Hence, kids can carry them around and enjoy the visual effects of watching their favorite movies on this player. It would have a battery to run a movie through its entire length when it is fully charged. It has swivel function as well which makes it easy to watch from different angles. The player can also play MP3, DVDs, and CDs as well.

  • GPX 7” Widescreen DVD Player with Swivel Screen

This is another model with a smaller screen that makes a lightweight and compact entertainment device for your children. The player runs DVDs continuously and can run multimedia formats on CDs and DVDs. There are inbuilt stereo speakers that help to create a surround sound effect through plugged in headphones.

The above models can be considered this year as top DVD players which can be great for your children as they are lightweight and have the battery life to run entertainment for them on the go.

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