Why an ERP Implementation Project Can Be Such a Headache?

by Jones David


When you consider switching to ERP for project management, you usually only consider the positive side of it. While it may seem to be an advantageous opportunity, it is actually a very problematic process. Not only are ERP based projects difficult to work with, but they are also a burden in the financial terms. This can become a source of headaches for the business in the longer run. There are certain ways that these ERP projects can become a nuisance. Let’s have a go through at some of the common problems.

Poor management

One of the main problems that employees face while managing ERP systems is insufficient knowledge. No matter how beneficial the system is, if the employees are unaware of how to use them the right way, it is of no good use for them. Hence, the company will be under a lot of difficulties.

The Best way to deal with such cases is ensuring that the employees face sufficient training on a regular basis. Depending on the projects, the employees must know how to tackle all the possible issues in order to assure that the business does not suffer from any losses.

Choosing the right software

Often people believe that moving to the ERP system is very easy. However, it involves a lot of complexity than it might seem. One major decision that the organization needs to make is what software should they use for the implementation of ERP project management. This can be a very tricky part since this is a huge investment. Once this decision is made, it will not be easy for the management to overturn it.

This richly depends upon the type of project the team is working on. More often than not, people find cloud-based ERP systems to be more useful for their project management. They are low priced and provide excellent solutions for the companies on a whole. You can also seek the help of JD Edwards consultant to get a better idea of how to avoid problems with your ERP system.

Underestimating the project

Often organizations fail to analyze the magnitude of the ERP project that they are working on. This can create a lot of difficulties for the business in the longer run. This can add up to the overall cost of the project in the longer run. Moreover, since the project is underestimated, it might not be able to achieve completion on the desired date which will cause panic in the organization. Hence, people must always make sure that ERP projects are planned accordingly.

Inadequate attention

When working with a new system, it can be difficult for the employees to adapt to the system right away. Often the management expects its workers to learn all the basics of the ERP system from scratch. This is not an easy job. Remember that you are moving from a manual system to an ERP based system.

This means that one will have to forego the initial practices and try on something new. Hence, the organization must make sure that all the employees are provided with sufficient time to get used to the new ERP system. They must be given all the possible resources and the organization must give them time to adopt the new system.

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