Why is Ruby on Rails So Popular?

by Jones David

It’s not easy to figure out why something becomes popular unless you start digging a bit. You’ve heard of Ruby on Rails from all sorts of app developers, and you’ve experienced the excitement these folks have, but you aren’t sure why. It all sounds like a foreign language to you, but you want to make an effort. The following will help you see why many folks are falling in love with Ruby on Rails.

Simpler Language

App development can be overwhelming for first-timers because the language seems so different. Without the background, you won’t be able to understand what’s going on in the code that helps develop an app. Many folks shy away from app development because it’s challenging to learn a new language, which is basically what you’re doing here. Ruby on Rails continues to earn more fans because this framework uses simpler words. It shouldn’t take too long to develop an app using language that’s easy to discern.

Focused on Mobile

Another reason Ruby on Rails continues to rise in popularity is that it’s easier to build mobile apps with it. There are several frameworks to use, like PHP that is pretty popular as well, but folks trying to reach customers using a mobile app will find Ruby on Rails more appealing. All you have to do is look through an explanation of PHP vs. Ruby to see that PHP is better suited for general app development that could be used on laptops or computers. Business owners know that more customers are spending an incredible amount of time on their phones, which is the reason developing smartphone apps is just a smart decision.

Free is a Big Deal

Just like PHP, Ruby on Rails is a free framework that’s run by passionate folks. These people want to see their framework used often and want to be able to compete with the biggest framework developers out there. This is probably the reason they decided to offer this service free. This means more people are using it, and this increases their ability to catch errors and fix them to continue improving their product. Startups who are looking for something free love this perk. It’s a win-win solution. Now, just because you’re a guinea pig, doesn’t mean the folks behind Ruby on Rails will leave you without any support. The folks at this company are hungry to find solutions for you, which is another reason they’re so popular.

Streamline Development

Developing an app can take a long time but not with Ruby on Rails. The development language is easy to learn, and once it’s mastered, the rest is a breeze. This is a top reason many developers and startups fall in love with Ruby on Rails. The longer it takes to develop an app for release, the more a business has to pay the developer and deal with glitches. This also means customers have to wait, and no one loves to wait. Working with Ruby on Rails means you’ll likely have your app in no time.

Security is Important

Your app is important to you, and it’s important to Ruby on Rails, which is the reason they’ve invested so much time in standardizing security. This company has a team that’s done everything it can to provide a safe space for your development. For example, there are automatic security checks with Ruby on Rails that’ll help look for any vulnerabilities you should know about. There’s also a set of protocols in place to help ensure that all development takes place with as much protection as possible. Live support also helps deal with issues happening in real-time. A developer who has a lot on his or her plate falls in love with the live support that Ruby on Rails can provide.

Maintenance is Easy

Making changes to your app is much easier with Ruby on Rails. This means maintenance is going to be much easier. You know how you have to update your app constantly to meet your customer’s needs or to work out some kinks you might have found? Well, working with a framework that makes maintenance easy will help you put your app back in your customers’ hands. You want to do this before your customers get tired of glitches and problems.

It’s easy to see how valuable Ruby on Rails has been for developers and startups. Go ahead and learn more about it, or ask questions if you’re curious, especially if you’re in the process of getting a mobile app off the ground. The fewer errors you make now, the more successful your launch could be, and every business wants that.

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