Why Soundproofing Your Curtains Is Good Idea?

by Jones David

The location, square footage, illumination, and price are parameters that we consider when buying or renting a home or apartment. But the environment is also an essential factor. The level of loudness in the area where we live can affect the quality of life.

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Silence – or at least a small degree of noise – is a condition for resting, focusing, enjoyment, following our thoughts, and having a good sleep. If noisy neighbours or car honks drive you crazy, there is a way to reduce these annoying sounds to an acceptable level.

Soundproofing sounds like an excellent idea, but is that always feasible? You don’t need to suffer from a lack of silence or break your budget by installing permanent sound insulation, as there are specific tactics you can incorporate to insulate your interior. Putting soundproof curtains on windows can spare you a lot of trouble.

Noise Has Adverse Effect to Health

Silence is not our natural environment. From birth, we are exposed to noise. It ranges from normal, such as the sound of rain, the quiet voice, and even the TV that is not too loud, to noise such as thunder strike or street traffic. The sounds of high power and volume represent a kind of acoustic trauma since their intensity exceeds 80 dB, which is considered to be some limit that doesn’t cause hearing damage.

Depending on the intensity, spectrum, rhythm, and duration, noise affects us in various ways. In addition to physiological impairments such as hypertension, heart rhythm disturbance, or hearing issues, our mental health is also endangered.

People living near airports or busy roads are more prone to have sleep problems, be irritable and nervous, suffer depression, and have disorders of concentration and learning mechanisms. Chronic noise exposure leads to stressful reactions in our body, which can interfere with our daily lives.

Curtains Are Cheap Method of Sound Insulation

Sound travels in waves. Insulating your space means to provide less clean roads where noise can pass. Soft and uneven surfaces absorb sound waves, while flat surfaces bounce them back to you. You understand that The Best way to insulate is to make rearrangements at your home, install additional barriers, and add layers to existing partitions.

As for additional partitions and layers, these can be gypsum boards, various sound panels, and extra layers of curtains. Curtains are useful for reducing the noise level in your home or office because most of the sound waves enter through doors and windows.

Buy factory soundproof curtains or ‘enrich’ existing draperies with a new layer of material that repels or absorbs sound. Thesecond option will do if you are handy with a sewing machine. You don’t have to spend much time and money to get great results.

Soundproofing only windows is a budget-friendly option for noise insulation. You won’t need much material, as you only need to cover openings, maybe a few inches less or more. You can learn more about soundproof curtains here.

Trendy Details

Drapes occupy a large part of the wall, and it is impossible not to see them. DIY soundproof curtains can be a great detail that will highlight the beauty of your interior. They are generally made of solid and heavy materials, and aesthetic is not their primary characteristic.

You should match the curtains with the interior design. With a little imagination, you can make a trendy house accessory, both functional and pretty. The velvet curtains of dark colors will look great in the vintage style rooms. In modern homes where light colors are prevalent, plain polyester curtains will fit nicely.

For example, you can sew soundproof materials like velvet, velour, or suede on existing curtains. Or you can opt for multilayered draperies – polyester panels (which have excellent insulating properties) to the windows, while you can put some stylish curtains over it.

Silence Is Good for the Brain

As noise raises the level of cortisol, the hormone secreted by the adrenal gland in response to stress – silence can help us return it to the normal state. Studies from previous years show that we need just a few minutes per day to sit still and do nothing. It is one for the Best ways to relieve stress and relax.

Spending some time in silence or a less noisy room has a stimulating effect on us. Although a lot of processes happen during this time, as our brains store and process information, it actually recovers. Silence helps us to have better mental health, to be more creative, focused, and productive, and to create solutions, and it is also very effective for people who have insomnia.

If our brain doesn’t rest enough, it will soon lose its function. That’s why we should have some time alone every day without distractions and disturbances. Soundproof curtains are an excellent detail for bedrooms and workrooms, where people generally spend time wanting to reset and enjoy the benefits of silence.

Thesense of hearing is vital to humans, as it helps us to survive and revive. When we talk, listen to music or sounds of nature, we feel good. But not all tones are pleasant for our ears. Noise makes us feel bad and endangers our health. When we cannot escape it, we should do everything to isolate ourselves from it and reduce its harmful effects.

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