xTiles: Empowering Freelancers and Small Teams for Enhanced Productivity

by Jones David

Project management constantly changes and grows to answer people’s requests. However, teams develop so quickly and new fields of expertise appear so rapidly that many old project management tools become out of date and hard to implement for today’s tasks.

Visual project management may become a powerful tool to provide teams with a clear and concise way to manage projects, communicate progress, and collaborate effectively.

Freelancers may benefit by combining their usual self-management techniques with visual project management. After all, an easy way to get information and track progress is why people try productivity apps and apply different management approaches.

xTiles is an application that combines the best and most loved features of traditional productivity apps with the visual management feature. Boring to-do lists and planners get new life with a wide variety of organizational and customization visual abilities the app offers its users.

Being developed over the idea that users are tired of complexity and dozens of different apps for every single purpose they may have, xTiles shows an entirely new approach to productivity and management.

While most of the productivity and organizing applications focus either on ease of use or a variety of features, xTiles works to cover both of these aspects. Simplicity is harmonically combined with wide functionality where visual project management stands in the center.

Once the application is part of their workflow, teams may see changes in many aspects of their usual work routine, such as:

  1. Ready-to-use templates

A range of ready solutions for users’ tasks and issues in the form of templates saves time on preparation and helps visually organize teams’ or companys’ documentation. 

By combining productivity tools, integration features, and export formats, offering an ever-growing Gallery of Templates and Embeds, and combining a clear and concise way to manage projects through tasks, xTiles helps teams work more efficiently.

  1. Improved organization & task detalization

xTiles helps teams or freelancers stay organized by providing a clear and easy-to-understand overview of project tasks, from small steps to milestones, timelines, and dependencies from. Managers, in turn, get the opportunity to see the big picture of projects.

  1. Enhanced collaboration

It enhances collaboration by allowing team members to share real-time information and updates.

Freelancers may enhance their collaboration with clients as well, as the app allows sharing documents with everyone on the Internet.

  1. Easy Customization and Flexibility

Readily available templates easily become a base for project structuring and customization according to the business requirements and goals. The ability to import information and Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Slack integrations extend planning, researching, and collaboration.

The service also has built-in widgets and iFrame and allows users to export their documents into traditional formats.

  1. Mobile app and tablets

xTiles suits the requirements of those striving to stay productive on the run, offering an application synced with its desktop version. 

Users can take notes, save visual content and links, build lists of to-dos, etc., using their smartphones or tablets. The information they enter appears in the Quick Notes section on their xTiles desktop version.

Visual project management has already proved to be more attractive and effective for both parties – managers and team members. Staying organized, communicating progress, and collaborating effectively is easier through visual means. 

xTiles takes visual project management to the next level, depriving usual approaches of everything that steals focus, energy, and resources needed for project completion.

By providing a clear and easy-to-understand overview of project status and progress, the service helps teams make decisions, find solutions, and foresee oncoming or potential problems.

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