As competitors rise,

Improvement, Barron recently declared the largest independent online and financial advisor. In the future of online investment, robots and personnel consultants are mixed. According to General Manager John Stein, this plan is working.

However, incumbent careers like Vanguard have entered the market by leveraging existing strengths, and start-ups such as Robinhood are entering this rapidly growing market.
Correspondingly, Betterment introduced a series of new high-resolution features on the platform, including "advice packages" that users can purchase to receive timely advice from professional experts.

In the interview below, Stein shares new information about the company's growth, plans to broaden the possibility of fee-free transactions, the potential markets of anticipation, and ultimately exposes many other issues in the universe It's a schedule.

Gregg Schoenberg: Since the beginning of 2017, a lot has changed with Betterment and the industry as a whole. What are the recently managed Betterment assets?

Jon Stein: We currently have $ 15.5 billion under control and we have grown to 400,000 customers.

GS: Congratulations. Will it become easier to accumulate every billion dollars, or will it be difficult?

JS: Acceleration was seen every year in this field. At that time, I would like to say that it took me a year to manage the first $ 10 million. And then, from 6 months to 20 million dollars, 3 months to 30 million dollars. Today, 10 million dollars is a bad day. As a result, assets generate assets, so today's scale is much larger.

GS: That is impressive, but looking at the competitive environment, it is clear that other online colleagues were able to find a place for them. What are the main reasons for your optimism? Will improvements improve if dust settles?

JS: Commitment to innovate what customers want, part of customer's consideration …

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As competitors rise,

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