Assassin 'Creed Odyssey is far below his amazing sandbox.

It is difficult to imagine. Better demonstration of the state of today's game AAA Assassin's Creed Odyssey, All Aegean Aegean's classic wines are games that you can play with your no, but if possible work according to absurd caricature video game logic that seems to be more outdated. Should you play it? definitely.

(A very small spoiler in front.

you Assassin; # 39; creed… Yeah, in recent years, the game has spent time in Paris and London, following the gorgeous but vaguely accepted games of Unity and Syndicate respectively. Critics said the series is a little thin despite the wonderful dress.

You can imagine everyone a surprise It Returned origin, Located in a huge band of ancient Egypt. The new system pushes the stealth action game from its roots to extensive RPG, and is opening the world that is currently in fashion. It was a bit rough at the end, but the scale was welcome as the secret Assassins vs. Templars social changes became increasingly intense.

The news that the next match will be held in the ancient times of Greece during the Peloponnesus War is rsquo; I am always a fan of classical times Homer, Herodotus and Pellicle Athens, all of it. I also admit the irony love 300 The last stand of Leonidas – a graphic novel rather than a movie – was terrible.

are you kidding me Look at this.

And then, the world tells stories that associate historical figures and sea adventures (I loved pirate themes) and classical wars and secret societies, and that Ubisofts will bring to hundreds of artists and modelers I gave all my loyalty to life, AC black flag). On paper, it is the biggest game at high.

And in a way it's all. Because the rendering of classic world Ubisoft is so beautiful …

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Assassin 'Creed Odyssey is far below his amazing sandbox.

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