Aston Martin is his first electric sports car, Rapide E

Aston Martin immediately announced some attractive details about the first, ultra-high performance electric power sports car of the famous British brand. Very fast, very expensive, very nice car, so it is tied.

The official name will change from "RapidE" to "Fast E" and it will be difficult to distinguish it from the luxury sedan of Aston Martin Rapide S in production since 2010. The car manufacturer produces only 155 cars. Before departure of China's electronics manufacturer LeEco who struggled as a project investor last year, it occupied about one third of the original plan.

The company is proposing a series of technical details for those who are indeed trying to get what is going to be a very fast and crazy expensive electric sports car. Rapide E is driven by a 800 V battery system with a capacity of 656 kWh and uses more than 5,600 18650 lithium ion cylindrical cells. With a typical 400V 50kW charger, it will have a range of "200 miles or more" at a charge rate of 185 miles per hour. Also, if you use a quick charger of 100 kW or more, Rapide E can absorb a range of 310 miles per hour.

Installed in place of 6 liter V12 engine, gear box and fuel tank, this battery powers the two rear mount engines, combining only 610 and 950 Nm of couple.

E Fast is predicted to have a maximum speed of 155 mph …

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Aston Martin is his first electric sports car, Rapide E

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