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Top 7 Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV

Top 7 Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV

Why Reading Is Better Than Watching TV Are you looking for the Best Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV? Books existed on this planet thousands of years before television. They are valuable and have an advantage. However, people tend to prefer books. Books are always the first choice for learning and research, especially if you are studying a subject.

Even though it takes time and a lot of effort to read and search for a particular tag, the books are the original databases always reliable. People who have a passion for reading know what I am talking about. They also know that watching TV will never replace a good book.

So, check out our list of Top 7 Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

Check out the list of Best Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV below and share this list with your friends, family, or loved ones.

1. Watching TV Can Lower Your IQ

Some television programs provide an excellent educational contribution. We love National Geographic as much as the next person. But most often, a television show requires little or no intervention or reflection on the part of the viewer. We admit this is one of the attractions of television on occasion. The problem is that a 2013 Japanese study found that watching TV effectively lowered children’s IQ. In contrast, a recent study by Emory University found that reading novels improved brain connectivity up to five days after reading. Connectivity in the brain translates into increased intelligence over time. So, reading can make you smarter.

2. Reading Inspires You to Do Incredible Things

The books usually talk about people doing extraordinary things. People like us. People who aren’t too rich or too smart or too handsome or lucky. The books try to inspire you on every page. Television, on the other hand, does not particularly try to teach you anything. He wants to keep you on a couch, watching other people live false lives. Do not mistake yourself. I’m not trying to say that the tv is demonic. I watch TV too. But limiting the time spent on television gives us more time to do something useful in our lives.

3. Reading Improves Your Writing Skills

By reading, you can learn new expressions, improve your spelling, and improve your writing skills. And you will need good writing skills in your life. Perhaps in your work, perhaps because you want to write a book, a report, an essay, your dissertation, to create a blog. Anyway, you will need writing skills in your life.

4. Develop Verbal Abilities

Even though television is mainly dialogue, books are more effective than television to enrich your vocabulary. So, why is reading better for your vocabulary? Television usually uses short and simple sentences, launched at the fourth year level. Good children’s books, however, usually contain a language twice as complex as a television show. This means using a larger vocabulary, longer sentences, and more complex sentences. Adult novels, and especially newspapers, can still increase profits, with an even richer and more varied language.

5. Readers Enjoy The Arts

Studies have shown that readers enjoy concerts, plays, and museums more than non-readers. We have found no studies on this subject compared to viewers, but again, the ability to focus and concentrate is necessary to appreciate the arts. The skills while watching television do not seem to help.

6. Books Don’t Have Commercials

The re’s nothing more annoying watching a show than having commercials. It does not matter that the episodes last about 43 minutes and we have to wait a week for the next episode.

Atleast with a book, you hold the complete season in your hands! But, to be honest, we usually wait a few months for the next season and a year for the next book.

7. Reading Is Best At Reducing Stress

Reading has been shown to reduce the stress in just a few minutes! Research shows that reading is faster and better than listening to music, drinking coffee, or even walking around. Television may feel like relaxing your body, but another study has shown that television can amplify stress because we often feel guilty or like a failure afterward.

I hope you like our list of the “Reasons Why Reading is Better Than Watching TV.” Leave comments in the comment section and let us know your views about this list.

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