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Things That Happen Every 5 Seconds On The Internet

Things That Happen Every 5 Seconds On The Internet: Even when chatting with your friends on FB I‘m sure you do at least a couple of things on the side ( tweet, photos on Instagram, or a Google). Even when attempting to focus on something that needs to get done you have to simultaneously watch something else. We’ve discovered exactly what occurs online in an average minute online and we expect you’ll be fairly shocked.

Things That Happen Every 5 Seconds On The Internet

Every 5 seconds, 205,000 Fb posts are posted.


Every 5 seconds, 23,000 tweets are posted.twitter

Every 5 seconds, 1,860 people search for porn on

Every 5 seconds, 8,666 Snapchats are sent.snapchat

Every 5 seconds, 17 million emails are sent.


Every 5 seconds, 47 new websites are

Every 5 seconds, 28 new WordPress posts are created.wordpress

Every 5 seconds, six hours worth of YouTube video content is

Every 5 seconds, 300 new Instagram pictures are uploaded.instagram

Every 5 seconds, Amazon sells nearly $7,000 value of a product.


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