6 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Have To Try

6 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Have To Try

I’ve been working hard to whittle down to my top 50 list of the Google Chrome extension, go to the top-six all-time favorites, which is completely necessary.

All of those add-ons are available for free download from the Chrome Web Store. Please click on the link below in order to download, you can turn it off or remove it from an extension at a later date if you decide it’s not for you.

Office Editing of Docs, Sheets & Slides

View and edit your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without Office installed on your computer.

Once the extension is installed, Office files that you drag into Chrome, open in Gmail, Google docs, and much, much more will be opened in Docs, sheets, and slides for viewing and/or editing.

Download link

To Tab Wrangler

Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy for you to get them back

  • Automatically closes idle tabs after a designated time
  • Saves closed tabs, easy to re-open
  • Chrome’s sync settings between computers
  • No pinned tabs,
  • The Lock tabs will close

Download link

Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a session manager for your browser that allows you to do so much. For example:

  • To see all of your open tabs in one place.
  • Save open tabs and restore them later on. A great tool for freeing up memory and avoiding tab clutter.
  • Restore open tabs after a browser or system crash.
  • Organize links by tag, and you can find them when you need them with a keyword search.
  • Easily consolidate link sets and for removing duplicates.
  • The Export link sets in a variety of text formats for use in e-mail messages, documents, spreadsheets, and online posts.
  • To create sessions from a list of Url.

Download link


Tampermonkey allows you to web pages on how to download and install user scripts. This is one of those extensions that once you start playing around with it, you will eventually want to change it on every page I regularly visit.

What you can do is really limited by the scripts that are available, or, if you decide to make the scripts yourself, is your imagination!

Download link


An award-winning password manager that does that and much, much more!!!!

  • Store login usernames and passwords
  • Checkout fast by adding credit cards & shopping profiles
  • Attach docs, Pdfs, images, audio, and more
  • Store a piece of information that you will need in order to be safe and easy to find
  • Manage everything from a simple, searchable ” vault
  • To add, edit, view, delete and organize all of your passwords

Download link


This extension allows your browser to monitor web pages for changes automatically. It can inform you whenever a particular page changes without you having to go and check on it every time, and it may even get to see what the differences are.

I’ve got a long list of web sites that I have to keep a close eye on the use of this tool, and so far, it has worked like a charm.

Download link

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