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The Best Turntables Under $200

It is always the right decision to choose a product that is at least one step above the cheapest. In most cases, that small price difference involves a whole series of upgrades. The same applies to turntables. Most $100 turntables are excellent, but investing in the Best Turntables Under $200 offers much better performance and overall user experience. We did the research and selected several models that provide The Best value for money. After we have discussed this, we will talk a little about what you can expect from The Best turntables under $200.

Best Turntables Under $200 List

Audio Technica AT-LP60NV-BT

Audio Technica has done well to make a product that works well, whether or not it uses its main function: Bluetooth connection. Although the process of pairing the Audio Technica AT-LP60NV-BT with speakers can be better handled, it provides an excellent listening experience after reaching that is truly fantastic for the price range. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good for this price range, and Audio Technica has done well to cram a few decent internals into a reasonably small supply. If you’re looking for a device that combines solid audio with a few flashy extras like a wireless pairing, then this might be the perfect choice for you for the Best turntables under $200.

The Best Turntables Under $500


  • An elegant design that has a high build quality.
  • Meaningful, if few, color variations.
  • Once paired, Bluetooth works exceptionally well.


  • The pairing process is obtuse and difficult to manage.
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Numark PT-01

best turntables under $200

Numark knew precisely what they wanted when they made the eye-catching PT01 Scratch – an affordable and portable tool for DJs and artists to get creative with. The performance is excellent, and the turntable is packed with features for such a budget product. This is not a turntable that sits on your desk – the Scratch wants to be picked up and played with. The design of the PT-01 will sow considerable division. It is undoubtedly an excellent flashy turntable, and the bright red highlights distinguish it from the pack. But if that is not to your liking, you will probably find it flashy and sticky. Another problem is the build quality: since it is intended to be portable and often moved, it can be considerably more robust. But overall, this is one for the Best turntables under $200.


  • Feature-packed with every possible connection you could ask for.
  • Great value for such a unique and creative product.
  • The adjustable scratch dial is easy to use and learn with.


  • The build quality isn’t the most robust for something so portable.
  • The design won’t appeal to everybody.
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Stanton T62

The Stanton T62 offers a sleek design, excellent build, and even better sound. Stanton stepped into a busy market to give the budget consumer the quality they have been waiting for! It may miss certain features such as a USB interface and some ports, but the overall quality and sound are enough for us to forgive it. Good quality music in an affordable package. In terms of portability, the T62 offers a reasonably compact model that, in one way or another, is a lot heavier than it looks like the size is given. This can make transport a little more complicated than we would like a device that is usually built in this price category with a particular movement element in mind. All these things make it one for the Best turntables under 200 dollars.


  • Sleek modern style that will look great in any home Hi-Fi setup.
  • The directly driven platter is a rare find in this price range.
  • Superb sound and build quality.


  • Lack of ports is disappointing and could be a bit limiting.
  • Not the lightest or most portable of turntables.
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Pioneer PL-990

best turntables under $200

With the PL-990, Pioneer has approached the problem of catering for the very affordable end of the turntable market by withdrawing many of the functions that can boost the supply of similar products to focus on sound. And the good news is that the music sounds pretty good. A classic design completes this bold entry. That said, the design is likely to sow considerable division. It is a call back to the heyday of vinyl, and if that is something you feel like, you will enjoy how well Pioneer has captured the golden age of record players. But if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, the PL-990 will not do an excellent job by ticking your boxes.


  • A straightforward, classic design that calls back to the 60s vinyl era.
  • Audio is balanced, clear, and high quality.
  • The automatic tonearm mechanism works very well.


  • The aesthetic is relatively divisive; you’ll either love it or hate it.
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Gemini TT-1100

A real classic. The TT-1100 from Gemini has existed for years and is still strong. Compact and durable with a beautiful aluminum shell, it might be a bit outdated in its appearance, but this is still a versatile sample at a very competitive price! A great starting point for DJs and enthusiasts to build on. There is a tendency in affordable DJ equipment to opt for a visual design that screams DJ with a volume that only people who are not very serious about DJs want to scream. This is undoubtedly a showy look and will probably not be well received by severe DJs, even though the turntable is doing very well on the technical elements. Overall, this is one for the Best turntables under $200.

The Best Turntables Under $100


  • Braided cable minimizes the risk of damage.
  • Great value for such a trusted brand name.
  • A built-in USB interface is a must-have for any recording DJ!


  • The looks are a bit dated.
  • It might need some additional setup out of the box.
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Numark TTUSB

best turntables under $200

Numark TTUSB belongs to the entry-level DJ turntables. It brings all the necessary functions and the type of implementation to support it all. Numark has undoubtedly taken several shortcuts with these, but in the end, it is a solid performer. If you are looking for crabs, this could be your ticket. It is very disappointing that Numark has chosen not to take a dust cover with this turntable since this is not only a purely visual element but makes a big difference to the life and maintenance of the record player as a whole. This can only be a decision to save costs, and we do not like to take it so that the long-term prospects of the product are actively damaged. Still, this is one for the Best turntables under 200 dollars.


  • Great set of features and options.
  • Reliable build quality considering the price.
  • Performance that fits its primary purpose quite well.


  • No dustcover is a cheap move by Numark.
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Music Hall USB1

Music Hall USB1 is one of their cheaper models meant for people who want decent sound and USB capabilities. It offers a lot of control with an adjustable tonearm, anti-skate system, and a removable cartridge. If it only had a switchable amplifier, it would have been an excellent deal at a very competitive price range. Some consumers may be put off by the fact that the USB1 has a plastic base that is certainly not as robust as competing products in this price range. Although we agree that this is not necessarily ideal, it is worth noting that this improves portability and that it is much easier to go to different locations without too much effort. In general, this is one for the Best turntables under $200.


  • Lots of control over its performance.
  • Modular tonearm that allows for cartridge replacement.
  • Decent performance that is consistent.


  • Plastic base.
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Crosley C100A-SI

best turntables under $200

The C100A is a supreme effort by Crosley, but a testament to the fact that the market is increasingly demanding that models with a lower end offer more functions, even if it means sacrificing in some areas. The audio quality can not live up to the unconditional promise made by this Spartan list of elements. This is a disgrace because Crosley usually manages to deliver a reasonably balanced overall experience, but this is, in particular, the lack of a record player that does well to capture the vintage look of old record players from the golden age of vinyl. To explain, it only does not have enough to justify the price tag. But still, it is a decent addition to our list of best turntables under 200 dollars.


  • An authentically vintage design that accurately captures an era.
  • The s-shaped tonearm works well.


  • Audio quality doesn’t live up to expectations.
  • Bass, in particular, vastly lacking in presence.

What To Expect From The Best Turntables Under $200

What we have said at the beginning of this manual is right. The number of upgrades you get with a $200 turntable compared to a $100 is much more dramatic than the jump from a $200 to $500 turntable. As you probably know, turntables usually provide full integration at the entry-level. That means a built-in amplifier and no serious upgrade paths. This all changes when you add $100 to your budget.

The beauty of $ 200 record players is that they are somewhere in the middle between a beginner-friendly package and an enthusiastic level. You will often see built-in amplifiers that can be turned off so that you can connect the turntable to a stand-alone amplifier that is probably much better. That one detail alone is worth the price difference.

Then the functions come. In this price range, we start to see balanced tonearms, anti-skate, lift operation, and the like. If you understand the details of working with a turntable, all these functions become essential. For some, this all seems exaggerated. However, you should view it this way. A better turntable with adjustable components not only ensures better sound quality but also extends the life of your records.

Just by using high-quality aftermarket styluses, your record collection is much better in the long term. In all honesty, there are two ‘entry-level’ categories when it comes to turntables. The entry type is designed for those who want to listen to records with little effort. Then we have made entry-level turntables for new vinyl lovers, which will give you a crash course in what record players can do. The last category starts right around that $200 sign.

Whether this is the right segment for you depends on how serious you are about vinyl and what kind of sound quality you are looking for. If you are the type of person who wants to enjoy vinyl sound in the long term, you can start right away. Otherwise, you will notice that the turntable you bought is extremely limited, so you are exactly where you started. Not to mention the fact that cheap record players devalue exceptionally quickly.


Spending on the Best Turntables Under $200 is probably The Best way to get to know this hobby in the right direction. We try not to judge anyone, because enjoying vinyl, even with a cheap turntable, is something we can figure out. But. There is a big ‘but’ the re. We think that with a $200 model, you will get much more for your money if you have a passion for records. The above mentioned are The Best turntables under 200 dollars focused on that kind of experience, which is why we have chosen them for this guide. Again, try to do as much research as possible because there is so much to learn.

The Best Turntables

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