​Ansible Tower 3.3 arrives to make DevOps easier than ever

​Ansible Tower 3.3 arrives to make DevOps easier than ever

Like other DevOps tools like Chef and Puppet, Red Hat 's Ansible Tower dramatically simplifies IT infrastructure management without the hassle and tiring of manual server setup. Containers and clouds. With the latest version of Anitory Tower 3.3 you can do everything with improved user interface and scaling and run on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, the platform of the Red Hat Kubernetes container application.

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You can easily transfer your resources and applications from platform to platform. This is essential in the world where data and applications are running simultaneously in containers, virtual machines, private clouds, and public clouds.

Red Hat's vice president Joe Fitzgerald said: "As more and more companies are modernizing infrastructure, collaborative tools are indispensable.Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform function to further facilitate the automation of Another Tower 3.3 infrastructure, using the platform more By making it easier, we will further evolve. "

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With OpenShift, Another Tower 3.3 becomes available as a pod service and can be set directly from the Red Hat Container Platform. This allows the user to add more capacity to the Anabilities Tower by simply adding other modules. By simplifying what was a multistep process, users can customize them to run directly with the help of the user interface, the command line, and the command line. Application programming interface (API) of Red Hat OpenShift Container.

New features and improvements of Ansible Tower are as follows.

  • More detailed control: The redesigned user interface will put more information in the user's reach. With jobs and work templates, you will be able to see more information at a glance, such as inventory and identification information, and users can search for information more quickly. In addition, with Anitory Tower 3.3, you can save arbitrary items to jobs that can be set at startup. This includes catalogs, identification information, and surveys. You can use this saved configuration in workflow or schedule.
  • Improved scaling: Red Hat Anitory Tower 3.3 supports groups of instances …

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