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9 good readings from CNET this week

9 good readings from CNET this week

Another week. The boy, it was very fast. Too many things happened. Always Twitter Ban Alex Jones and Infowars. President Supreme Court Judge Trump Defended his position on the neutrality of the net. And Elon Musk There was a height. Together with Joe Logan.

If you missed something, it is time to catch up with it.

Please consider "Disney land for surfers".

I asked for help online in one of the most hostile environments. For all probabilities, it worked.

The highest peak in the northeast is a ruthless environment for people and gadgets.

Mount Washington Snowcat

… It will not happen anytime soon.


Smart Juicer is a ridiculous idea.


Rumos mask helps you to adapt to the new time zone using phototherapy during your sleep.

Rumos - Jet - Lag - Lexis - SFO - 9974

Can mobile applications help men's lives?

Daylight as winter blues Beckon

A weekend project to scan my snapshot shows how technology shapes our memory.

kg - Photo Scan

… And what do you need to do to prevent another attack?

Illustration of Google's Wi-Fi and iCloud

I hope you like the above news

9 good readings from CNET this week

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