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Amazon's Cashless Store Comes to New York – News

Amazon's Cashless Store Comes to New York – News

Amazon confirmed that one day after cutting the ribbon at his second (and largest) non-cash convenience store in Seattle bringing the concept of Go into a city that never sleeps.

This information preceded the coverage of numerous job offerings last night. The company later confirmed the plan by e-mail addressed to the news.

Amazon spokesman, spokesperson said, "It is planned to open Amazon Go in New York." It is essentially for a statement. There is no information on important details such as startup time here, but at least this company's time is actually shortened.

The store is a bit of experience for the company, stabbing its feet into the brick and mortar experience. The Go announced at the end of the 2016 holiday season remains the novelty of the retail business. This concept drops the cashier, instead relies on the camera to track purchasers and bills the account when you go out.

The store in New York is scheduled to open for the first time in the Amazon of the hometown of Seattle. Thanks to the Manhattan bookstore, Amazon already has a presence in retail stores.

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Amazon's Cashless Store Comes to New York - News

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