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Android Fans Realize That The iPhone Is So Much Better

Android Fans Realize That The iPhone Is So Much Better

Regarding the discussion "Android vs. iPhone", it is usually impossible to move both sides. It is getting wierder than discussions surrounding religion and politics. There is nothing as exciting as the political debate of 2020, but smartphone fans are often attaching attachments to alternative platforms that are still not healthy. Indeed, if you feel that you love smartphones, that you really care about the type of smartphone people are using, or that you need to influence your opinion, you crossed the unhealthy border . Recently, do not people do something good? But we run away.

Most people's time and energy are better at other places, but the difference between "Android and iPhone" is part of BGR's job. We will always try to reveal the difference between the two platforms. As a result, users can make informed decisions when choosing those platforms. Each platform has strengths in mutual relationship, but there are also weak points of each. And today, we will focus on specific weaknesses, it seems that Android fans are finally beginning to understand how important this particular weakness is and how frustrating it is It is from.

We receive a lot of emails from many smartphone fans, most of which fall into two categories: Android fans, Android fans are disliked by Android fans. Apple complained about our prejudice against Apple. Yes, yes, we are biased against both according to Fanbo. Whenever you say positive or negative, it is clearly an obvious sign of bias.

However, recently we began to notice an interesting trend. More and more Android users are sending e-mails without complaining about what we have written on the site or agreeing to complain about them on the site. Unfortunately the update situation of Android of 2020 is regrettable, and many users are tired of the iPhone being much better.

In addition to their own comments, many of the e-mails we received from Android users recently showed the same thread to Reddit.

"The iPhone enjoys support for five years but Galaxy S 9 + can not obtain security patches in a timely manner" This issue was released in June just after Apple's iOS 12 release. It is not the most interesting update in terms of new features, but there are many improvements and updates. But the particular attention of Redditor is that iOS 12 will only work on all iOS devices running iOS 11. C & # 39 will work, one Apple product will work on iOS It is not abolished by the 12 year old 5 year old iPhone 5 is included.

At the time of writing these lines, the Reddit thread counted more than 5,300 and over 1,300 comments. Needless to say, someone touched the nerve.

The title of the discussion is particularly interesting. Because the driving force of this post is delayed since Samsung announced new security patches. Irony here is that a security patch system was inevitably born. Because Android phones are very slow to receive software updates, Google and its vendor partners need a system that allows for the distribution of important security updates more quickly. Security patches can now be issued regardless of major Android version updates, but vendors are no longer able to release security patches.

It's sadly, but Google has created something called Project Treble to speed up Android's update. Treble separates the basic Android code from the customization layer that the provider applies to Android. Therefore, you can apply Android updates without having to update vendor-specific features.

In theory, I think Project Treble is good, but I still do not know what will affect Android's ecosystem. Some Oreo Android devices only support Treble, Oreo uses only about 12% of Android devices, but it was released almost a year ago. In other words, the majority of Android users think that there is no merit by using Project Treble and I do not know how useful this is.

In the meantime, if you are tired of Android updates or long-term support, please be assured that you are not alone. Discover the thread on Reddit that became a support group.

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