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App Roundup: Affinity Photo, Plex, Halide, Alloy, more!

App Roundup: Affinity Photo, Plex, Halide, Alloy, more!
New apps and program updates are available every day in the App Store and other online markets. We can afford to change. AppleInsider gathers some highlights from macOS and iOS applications last week and needs to review it.

This week's highlights include new features of halide, refinement of affinity photos, Ulysses updates, iOS Alloy launcher, Dark Sky's Apple Watch revision, and Plex bugfixes.

Halide 1.9

Halide camera application is updated for new iPhone. The new version of the key, Technical reading. He queries the phone about all possible data of the camera and the manufacturer says it contains specifications that Apple can not publish.

This technical information is displayed in the application and can be saved.

Halide aims to reduce the complexity of the photograph by focusing. Exposure is more controlled with gestures. However, complete manual control is also provided for details such as shutter speed and ISO sensitivity.

Get on iOS: $ 5.99. Currently iOS 10 or later is required, but iOS 12 may be required for new features.

Affinity Photo 1.6.9

Affinity Photo is a tool for photographers and artists, and many improvements have been made for this version 1.6.9 iPad. Many people need to do more slide or typing activities on the iPad to change options, using a slidable control and a new undo / redo gesture.

The previous version was chosen by Apple as The Best iPad application of 2021, and this latest version is temporarily sold with 30% of normal price.

Obtained for iOS: Currently $ 13.99. Requires iOS 11 or later and only works on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad (Early 2017) or later.

Ulysses 14

The Ulysses burning tool has been updated for new editions of iOS and MacOS Mojave. From Monday, September 17, the application will be updated to include dark mode, support for Siri Shortcut, and most convenient Mac share extension.

Beginning with version 14, you can work with another application and send the text directly to the Ulysses sheet. This is the term the application uses for the various things written by the application. Rather than preparing multiple separate documents, there is a unique application database that divides the document into sheets.

There are also general improvement points. The columns enumerating all the sheets were redesigned to larger and more definite titles.

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