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Apple and Spotify play podcasts now on your Alexa-compatible devices

Apple and Spotify play podcasts now on your Alexa-compatible devices

As of today, Apple podcasts are available on Amazon Alexa-compatible devices such as Echo speakers. People just have to say: “Alexa, play (insert the name of the show here) on Apple Podcasts” to get a program. Apple Podcasts can also be set as the default podcast player from the Alexa application, so Amazon will first check Apple podcasts each time a show is requested. If users link their Apple ID to their Alexa application, they can also resume listening where they left it in the Podcasts application. The command would be: “Alexa, resume reading (name of the show here) on Apple Podcasts.” Spotify also announced today that its users may ask Alexa to play podcasts from its platform.

First, Apple users who want to listen to Apple podcasts will first have to link their Apple ID to the Alexa application. Customers can then ask Alexa to play or replay the podcasts they want to listen to. Other player controls, such as “next” or “fast forward”, also work. And when you switch from one device to another, your progress in each episode will also be synchronized, which means you can start listening to Alexa and then pick up where you left off on your iPhone.

In the Alexa application settings, users will also be able to specify Apple Podcasts as the default player, which means that every time they request a podcast from Alexa without indicating a source, it will be streamed from the Apple Podcasts service.

Not to be outdone, Spotify also announced today its support for streaming podcasts on Alexa in the United States.

The playback of podcasts via one or the other service works in much the same way. You can use voice commands like “Alexa, play The Joe Budden Podcast on Spotify”, or “Alexa, play yesterday’s Daily on Apple Podcasts”. You can also tell Alexa to do things like fast forward or play the next episode via both applications.

In addition, if you pause a podcast in your phone’s Apple Podcasts or Spotify applications, you can then tell Alexa to resume playback on your smart speaker. If you wish, you can define Apple Podcasts or Spotify as your preferred podcast provider in the Alexa application. Go to Settings -> Music & Podcasts -> Default Services, then select one of the applications you have linked to Alexa.

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